Woodwork Hand Tools: Drilling and Boring Tools

Boring is the process of making holes into a timber or other objects. 

Examples of some boring tools are: 

1. Wood brace 

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Wood Brace

2. Ratchet brace

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Ratchet brace

3. Bradawl

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The RATCHET BRACE is commonly used by woodworkers for boring holes in some hidden parts of a wooden material. It has four main parts, namely: 

a. The Frame: is shaped like the letter U. It will often have a surface finish, such as nickel or chrome plating, to protect it from corrosion 

b. The Head: is made of hardwood and shaped to fit the hand of the user. It is screwed to a steel sleeve. It fits over the crank rod and runs on the hardened steel balls. 

c. The Crank: is a rectangular bent metal rod. It fits into the hardwood or plastic handle. 

d. The Chuck: is the end of the crank which is enlarged, threaded and slotted to receive the socket and jaws respectively. 

e. The ratchet: is a tool fitted to the ratchet brace so that holes can be drilled (bored) at specific parts that are not really exposed, such as corners where it is impossible to make complete turn. 


1. Describe the process of ‘boring’. 

2. List three boring tools. 

3. Draw and label a typical ratchet brace. 

4. Describe the four parts of a ratchet brace. 

(Image Credit: https://www.wonkeedonkeetools.co.uk )

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