Tutorial Questions on CRS for SS 1


1. Which of the following ways according to Paul is not the way an idle man should be treated? (a) have nothing to do with him (b) do not feed him (c) look at him as an enemy (d) warn him as a brother (e) do not consider him an enemy 

2. St. Paul advised the Thessalonians to imitate him in all the following ways except (a) toiling day and night (b) working with their own hand (c) keeping away from idleness (d) relying on others for food (e) earning a living through hard work 

3. Paul taught that as a result of death on the cross Jesus gained (a) salvation for all men (b) eternal life of God (c) adoption as the son of God (d) exaltation (e) all of the above 

4. Before faith came Christians were held prisoners by _______ (a) Law (b) sin (c) Jews (d) gospel (e) people 

5. Onesimus ran away from his master. His master here refers to _________ (a) Timothy (b) Paul (c) Philemon (d) Silas (e) James

6. In the epistle to the Romans, Jesus’ death was as a result of our trespasses but his resurrection was for the _______ (a) believers to inherit the world (b) justification of all mankind (c) condemnation of all sinners (d) fulfillment of his teaching (e) victory over death 

7. According to 1st Corinthians, the significance of the resurrection of the dead is its assurance of ______ (a) life eternal for the children of God (b) confirmation of sin and death (c) self-righteousness for Christians (d) continued unity of body and spirit after death (e) the end of all sins 

8. Which of the following did Paul admonish the Philippians to manifest as a virtue of humility? (a)counting other people as better than themselves (b) taking the highest position in any gathering (c) seeking personal interest (d) counting equality with civil rulers (e) regarding themselves as superior to others

9. According to Paul, the second coming of Christ will take place ______ (a) in our life time (b) suddenly and unexpected (c) after the reign of the saints (d) when sins shall be no more (e) when saints gather around 

10. James taught that pure religion is a combination of_________ (a) prayer and work (b) sacrifice and thanksgiving (c) hope and dedication (d) work and faith (e) prayer and Faith

11. In his message on impartiality, James said that _____ (a) it was wrong to disrespect a rich person (b) only poor people will go to heaven (c) the rich should always be respected (d) the poor should be given opportunities like the rich (e) the rich should be respected 

12. The concept of faith and work as indicated by James means ________ (a) practicing religion without speaking in tongues (b) hearing and memorizing the word of God (c) praying in spirit in readiness for good works (d) putting into practice what the word of God tells us (e) rejoicing always

13. Peter advised Christians living among non -Christians to _______ (a) protect their right (b) disregard the alien laws (c) live exemplary life (d) pray for a change of heart (e) work at all time

14. Before he sent Onesimus back to Philemon, Paul was convinced that Onesimus was no longer _________ (a) useless to his master (b) a changed character (c) one for whom he had deep affection (d) worthy of trust (e) very useful

15. Which of the following was not listed by James as a case of partiality in the church? (a) servility to influence members (b) shabby treatment accorded to the poor (c) observance of some of the laws (d) love of one’s neighbors (e) respect for the wealthy who blaspheme God

16. In the epistle of James, the effectiveness of prayer depends on ___ (a) the number of prayer in a day (b) praying aloud repeatedly (c)praying at scheduled moment (d) constancy in faith (e)privacy in prayer 

17. The effect of suffering on Christians is to _________ (a) strengthen their faith (b) tempt his faith (c) destroy his faith (d) hinder his faith (e) ridicule his faith 

18. Which of the following according to Peter is not a sign of Christian freedom? (a) giving honor to all men (b) love of the brotherhood (c) fear of God (d) honoring the Emperor (e) using your freedom as a pretext for evil 

19. James condemned partiality in the church and say that the rich who receive undeserved attention are those who __________ (a) supply all the financial needs of the church (b) occupy top post in the church (c) uses their resources for the growth of the church (d) build the infrastructure of the church (e)blaspheme the honourable name of the lord 

20. James recommended that when Christians are sick or suffering, they should ______ (a) consult a physician (b) pray in faith (c) appeal to the church for material aids (d) repent and sin no more (e)sing praises to the lord 

21. The fruit of justification include the following except ______ (a) peace (b) endurance (c) Humility (d) love (e)pride 

22. Paul’s example of humility in his epistle to the Philippians is _______ (a)Jesus taking the form of the servant (b) counting oneself as superior to the others (c) reckoning what is best for oneself (d) Jesus’ equality with God (e) Jesus rising up in glory

23. The Central theme of Paul’s’ letter to Philemon is _______ (a) the liberty of Christians under the law (b) concern for the welfare of slaves (c) emancipation of slaves (d) forgiveness of one another’s sin (e) love one another 

24. If Christ was not raised from the dead argued Paul, Christian faith would have ________ (a) been undoubted (b) been in vain (c) been guaranteed by Abraham’s righteousness (d) been dependent on grace (e)ended with this earthly life

25. As children of God, Christians have all the following responsibilities except ______ (a)suffering with Christ (b) patiently expecting the glory of God (c)accepting permanent custodianship of the law (d) groaning inwardly for the redemption through Jesus (e) accepting baptism into Christ 

26. One who is living a new life in Christ manifest it in the following ways except _____ (a) providing succor for the needy (b)discrimination among various Christian denominations (c) enriching oneself daily with spiritual songs (d) doing everything to the glory of God (e) having a forgiving spirit 

27. According to Paul, the true test of someone who does not speak by the spirit of God is ________ (a) saying Jesus is lord (b) uttering words of wisdom (c) having the gift of healing (d) saying Jesus be cursed (e) having the gift of the spirit 

28. Jesus was addressed as the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world by ___ (a) John (b) Paul (c)peter (d) Andrew (e) Matthew 

29. Sin has no dominion over those who are under ______ (a) grace (b) law (c) authority (d) nation (e) judgment

30. To Christians who live among unbelievers, Peter recommends _____ (a) submission to tyranny (b) freedom from the law (c) passive resistance (d) good conduct (e) self-praise

31. Paul in his epistle to the Corinthians illustrated the unity of church despite members’ individual differences by __ (a) listing the different offices in the church (b) asserting that different offices in the church are mutually interdependent (c) comparing the church with the human body (d) advocating one faith in Christ (e) teaching one baptism in Christ

32. In his epistle to the Colossians, Paul taught that in an ideal family, there should exist _______ (a) respect, hope and authority (b) obedience, worship and consideration (c) love, obedience and respect (d) worship hope and love (e) Care, hope and obedience 

33. In the first epistle to the Thessalonians, Paul said that Christians’ greatest assurance for the resurrection of the dead was that _____ (a) before seeds germinate, they must first die (b) the dead have joined the past faithful in the grave (c) since God is the God of Abraham, it follows that Abraham is still alive (d) since Jesus died and rose from the dead, Christians would also rise (e) Jesus ascended into heaven to receive the dead in Christ 

34. Paul’s teaching on humility demands all the following except that we should ____ (a) not be selfish (b) not regarding ourselves better than others (c)show positive interest in the affairs of others (d) accept Christ’s examples as the standard for our daily life (e) not allow others to take advantage of us in anything 

35. The spiritual gifts named in 1st Corinthians include ________ (a) knowledge, miracle, preaching and praying (b) prophecy, vision, dream and peace (c)love, joy, peace and longsuffering (d) prophecy, wisdom, faith and healing (e) dream, faith, miracle and love 

36. In order to share the risen life of Christ, Paul recommends to the Colossians to set their minds on ______ (a) confession of their sins (b) studying the word of God (c) the righteousness of the law (d)doing the will of God (e) loving everybody around

37. For his unequalled humility, Christ received an invaluable reward for which ______ (a) satan acknowledged him (b) men were convinced to work out their salvation (c) every knee bow at his name (d) everything is under his command (e) he was loved by the Jews 

38. Paul says that Jesus was an epitome of humility for all the following reasons except ______ (a) emptying himself like a servant (b) counting his divinity as something to be grasped (c) being obedient unto death (d) being born in the likeness of men (e) living a life worthy of emulation

39. Speaking on New life in Christ, Paul taught that since our life is bound up with Christ _______ (a) we are free from temptation (b) his future manifestation will also be ours (c) his coming in glory will be seen by us (d) we are not subject to elemental spirits (e) we are slaves

40. According to Paul in Colossians, which of the following is not a sign of newness of life in Christ? (a) seeking things that are above (b) putting to death what is earthly (c) setting minds on things that are earthly (d) putting off the old nature (e) fore bearing one another

41. Paul recommended to the Romans that Christian attitude to others with regard to the gifts of the spirit should be (a) to have domineering spirit (b) not to regard others as inferior (c) to dishonor the gifts (d) to make others acquire such gift (e) not to isolate oneself from the society

42. In his support for obedience to the governing authorities, Paul’s view was that such authorities were exercising (a) absolute power (b) repressive authority (c) discriminatory authority (d) parliamentary power (e) power consistent with Christ’s rule

43. In his metaphor of the body and the functions of its different parts, Paul in Corinthians, emphasized the individual’s _____ (a) rights (b) reward (c) pride (d) duties (e)love

44. According to Peter, Jesus bore our sins in his body on the tree so that ___ (a) we might die to sin and live to righteousness (b) he might pray to God to forgive those who crucify him (c) he might free us from persecution (d) Christians could be free from trials (e) he could be cleansed of all unrighteousness

45. If one suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but under that name let him glorify God. This statement by Peter signifies (a) suffering for the Christian faith (b) persecution of the Christians for offences committed (c) suffering for the sins of others (d) submission to persecution (e) suffering that leads to death

46. ___________ was the man James used as an example of how the effective prayer of the righteous man works. (a) Paul (b) peter (c) Jesus (d) Moses (d) Elijah

47. Paul in his letter to the Romans likened the church to ______ (a) a mustard seed (b) one body with many members (c) one body with few members (d) one body with various intentions (e)various body with different head 

48. Concerning the dead in the lord, Paul advises us _______ (a) not to be worried about them (b) not grieve as other who have no hope (c) to pray for the repose of their soul (d) to thank God that we are still alive (e) to have hope and rejoice 

49. Which of the following is not the manifestation of the man of the lawlessness? (a) power (b) signs and wonders (c) wicked deception (d) adherence to truth (e) believe in falsehood 

50. During the second coming of the lord, surviving Christians would _____ (a) reign forever on earth (b) join the happy throng to meet him in the cloud (c) occupy a minor position in heaven after those who had previously died (d) join in the fighting against the anti christ (e) enjoy peace and security for a thousand years 

51. In which of the following ways John to identify Jesus as the Lamb of God? (a) he would see a lad coming to be baptise with a lamb (b) he would see a man casting out demons (c) The spirit of the lord would descend on him like a dove (d) Jesus would be head and shoulders above other people (e) Jesus would be baptising people with the holy spirit

52. James cited the examples of Rahab and Abraham to highlight his teaching on _____ (a) faith and work (b) grace (c) partiality (d) new life (e) effectiveness of prayers
53. “Show me your faith apart from your work and i by my works will show you my faith” by this James meant _____ (a) faith and work have nothing in common (b) it is good to work (c) faith and work must work hand in hand (d) you need faith in order to work successfully (e) your work bears evidence no of your faith 

54. When Christians suffer for Christ, Peter admonished them not to _______ (a) rejoice (b) feel blessed (c) be ashamed (d)glorify themselves (e) suffer innocently

55. “if anyone will not work, let him not eat” by this statement Paul implies that: (a) work is essential for salvation (b) faith alone will provide our needs (c) there is dignity in labour (d) only the workers shall be rewarded (e) working hard is essential to being a disciple 

56. The genuineness of faith according to Peter is tested through _______ (a) work (b) miracles (c) prayer (d) trials (e) fasting 

57. The main condition for justification according to Paul is ______                                                               (a) human merit (b) ability to keep the law (c) faith in Christ redemptive work (d) possession of spiritual gifts (e) unmerited favour

58. Christian become sons of God by ___ (a) being Abraham’s descendant (b) being gentiles (c) belonging to churches (d) the works of the law (e)adoption through faith 

59. “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble” this teaching of peter emphasizes_______ (a) faithfulness (b) uprightness (c) humility (d)kindness (e)steadfastness 

60. The effect of suffering on Christians is to ________ (a) strengthen their faith (b) tempt his faith (c) destroy his faith (d) hinder his faith (e) ridicule his faith 


1. What is prayer? 

2. List the types of prayers 

3. Give reasons why some prayers are not answered

4. How did James deal with the problem of partiality in the church?

5. In what two ways do the church today fall short of the standard which James recommended?

6. How did Paul from his personal example, teach the Thessalonians about dignity of labor?

7. Define resurrection.

8. According to Paul’s defense what is the significance of resurrection to the Christian faith?

9. Describe the second coming of the lord according to Paul’s teaching 

10. What are the signs of the second coming of Jesus?

11. What in the meaning of HIV/AIDS?

12. How can HIV/AIDS be contacted?

13. How should HIV/AIDS patients be treated? 

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