Tutorial Questions on CRS for JS2

1. _________ betrayed Jesus Christ (a)Peter (b)James (c)Judas Iscariot (d)John (e) Paul 

2. The agony of Jesus took place at the garden of _______ (a) Eden                         (b) Zion (c)Jude (d)Gethsemane (e) Zarephath

3. The three inner circle of Jesus were ____ (a) Peter, Andrew and James (b) John, Judas and John (c)Bartholomew, Andrew and john (d)John James and Simon (e)Philip, Nathaniel and Jude 

4. “you are the salt of the earth” suggest being ______ (a) Christ like (b)sweet (c) troublesome (d) prayerful (e) mineral salt 

5. “Prepare ye the way of the lord and make his path straight” was said by (a) Jeremiah (b) Jonah (c) Zechariah (d) Micah (e) John

6. “Eloi, Eloi lama sabacthani” means _____ (a) My God, my God why hath thou sin against me? (b) Jesus was calling on prophet Elijah (c) Jesus rebuking satan in Elijah’s name (d) my God, my God why hast thou forsaken me (e)my son has Forsaken me 

7. Before Jesus began his ministry he fasted and prayed for _______ days (a) 20 (b) 30 (c) 40 (d) 50 (e) 60

8. This prophet was present at the presentation of Jesus ___ (a) Isaiah (b) Hezekiah (c) Joel (d) Amos (e) Simon

9. This disciple was once a tax collector _____ (a) Luke (b)Matthew (c) Andrew (d) John (e)Philip 

10. The voice during Jesus’ baptism confirmed his ______ (a) humility (b) Sonship (c) suffering (d) love (e)discipleship 

11. “Can you drink the cup I drink? The cup refers to Jesus ______ (a) last supper baptism (b) baptism (c) resurrection (d) transfiguration (e) trial and death

12. In the parable of the ten virgins five were called foolish because they __ (a) did not take extra oil with them (b) did not wait for the bride groom (c) left their lamp burning (d) went out looking for oil (e)were out of their mind 

13. The woman with the issue of blood suffered for _____ years (a) 10 (b) 15 (c) 12 (d) 5 (e) 38 

14. The wise men from the east were able to know about the birth of Jesus Christ because they were ___ (a) astrologers (b) astronomers (c) explorers (d) prophets (e)seers

15. For the safety of the infant Jesus, the angel advised his parent to escape to __ (a) Arabia (b) Cyrene (c) Egypt (d) Syria (e)Jerusalem 

16. The first miracle of Jesus was ______ (a) healing of the paralytic (b) healing of the leper (c) healing of Jairus’ daughter (d) turning water to wine (e) healing of the deaf and dumb 

17. The message Jesus left with his followers is called __________ (a) the last message (b) the Angel Gabriel’s message (c) the great commission (d) Jesus’ message before his death (e) Mary’s message 

18. The presentation of gifts to baby Jesus teaches us to be ___________ (a) gentle (b) patient (c) generous (d) meek (e)faithful 

19. The gift of gold given to baby Jesus signifies _____ (a) prophet hood (b) priesthood (c) kingship (d) messiahship (e)suffering and death

20. _________ was the brother of Peter (a) John (b) Judas (c) Matthew (d) Andrew (e) Philip 

21. The sin of the rich man in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus was that he ______ (a) was feasting every day (b) do not show concern for his fellow human being (c) did not send Lazarus to hospital (d) wore expensive clothes every day (e) none of the above 

22. Temptation is the urge by the _____ to make one commit sin (a) serpent (b) devil (c) prophet (d) angel (e) spirit 

23. At what age did Jesus started his ministry? (a) 6years (b) 10 years (c)12years (d) 30years (e) 15years 

24. How can a man be born again when he is already old, who asked this question? (a) peter (b) John (c) Nicodemus (d) Cornelius (e)James 

25. How long has Lazarus being dead before the arrival of Jesus (a) 4 (b)7 (c)2 (d) 12 (e)3 

26. The promise of the father was _____ (a) baptism with water (b) baptism with water and holt spirit (c) preaching the gospel (d) the great commission (e)the coming of the holy spirit 

27. Jesus rode on a ______ to Jerusalem (a) colt (b) cow (c) donkey                (d) monkey (e)bicycle 

28. Jesus raised the widow’s son at ____ (a) rain (b) Nain (c)pale (d) pail (e)pain 

29. What was the great commission given to the disciples by Jesus?                          (a) go ye to the world and preach the gospel (b) go and heal the sick                 (c) perform miracles (d) anoint people (e)be good to people 

30. The friends of the paralytic showed ___ when they brought him to Jesus (a) love (b) goodness (c) kindness (d) assistance (e)faith

31. The wine during the last supper represents _____ (a) the life of Jesus (b) spirit of Jesus (c) the water of Jesus (d) the blood of Jesus (e) the flesh of Jesus 

32. The names of Lazarus’ sisters were __________ (a) Martha and Mary (b) Ruth and Naomi (c) Mary and Deborah (d) Elizabeth and Dorcas (e)Micah and Martha

33. What was Jesus’ last promise to the disciples before he went up in to heaven? (a) baptism of the holy spirit (b) they must gather at Galilee (c) forgiveness of sins (d) resurrection from the dead (e) they will become sons of God 

34. Jesus taught us to forgive one another __________ times (a) seventy times seven (b) eighty (c) three (d) one hundred and twenty                       (e) sixty 

35. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall _______ (a) see God                                           (b) be called sons of God (c) inherit the earth (d) be comforted (e) sit with God

36. The bread in the last supper represents the __ of Christ. (a)body   (b) soul (c)spirit (d) death (e) cross 

37. The robbers crucified with Jesus were __ (a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 10 (d) 2 (e)1

38. The parable of the unforgiving servant teaches that ________ (a) forgive only those who forgives us (b) not to fall into debt (c) look up to God for forgiveness (d) pay our debt (e) Forgive those who wrong us

39. The greatest law is _____ (a) love (b) obedient (c) friendship (d) companion (e)unity 

40. _______ was the forerunner of Jesus Christ? (a) Paul (b) Jonah (c)Joel (d) John the Baptist (e)Elijah 

41. The triumphant entry into Jerusalem is celebrated by Christians as ___ (a) Easter Monday (b) holy Sunday (c) Palm Sunday (d) Christmas (e) Easter Sunday

42. As Christians, what lesson can you learn from Jesus washing his disciples’ feet? (a) cleanliness (b) gratitude (c) humility (d) hygiene (e) love 

43. Who requested for the body of Jesus for burial after his death? (a) Barnabas (b) Simon of Cyrene (c)Simon peter (d)Joseph of Arimathea (e)Joseph the dreamer 

44. How many beatitudes do we have in the book of Matthew? (a) 5 (b) 9 (c) 8 (d) 6 (e) 7 

45. The teaching of Jesus describing the state of the highest happiness is ____ (a) Beatitude (b) parable (c)love (d)honesty (e)responsibilities 

46. What was Jesus’ final statement before he died? (a) I will rise up in three days (b) father in your hands I commit my spirit  (c) father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing (d) you shall be judge in heaven (e) father, punish these people for me 

47. The meal Jesus eat together with his disciples before he was arrested is called ________ (a) final food (b) death lunch (c) last supper (d) last food (e) death food 

48. What did the disciples did when Jesus was arrested? (a) they fought (b) they cursed (c) they wept (d) they ran away (e) they prayed 

49. How many times did Jesus said he will be denied? (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 (e)5

50. The suffering and death of Jesus Christ is known as ______ (a) the crucifixion (b) the triumphant entry (c) the passion (d) the lord supper 
(e) Unleavened feast 

51. What did peter did after denying Jesus? (a) he asked for forgiveness of sin (b) He apologized and said it wouldn’t happen again (c) he went out and wept bitterly (d) he sang praises to God (e) he told people not to sin again

52. Who was forced by the soldiers to help Jesus to carry his cross?                 (a) Peter (b) Andrew (c) his brother (d) James (e) Simon 

53. What was the reaction of the people when Jesus entered into Jerusalem? (a) they sent him back (b) they were worried (c) they were angry (d) they fought his disciples (e) they shouted and rejoiced 

54. The mighty works performed by Jesus which did not follow the known laws of nature are called ___ (a) dream (b) magic (c) miracles (d) mystery (e)wonders 

55. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain ______ (a) blessing (b) goodness (c) mercy (d) greatness (e) favor 

56. After eaten the last supper what did Jesus do to his disciples? (a) he washed their feet (b) he taught them how to pray (c) he prayed with them (d) he slept together with them (e) he rejoiced with them

57. Where was Jesus praying with his disciples when Judas came with the mob to arrest him? (a) Bethany (b) Jerusalem (c) Gethsemane (d) Judea (e) Jericho 

58. Blessed are the meek for they shall ______ (a) be comforted (b) see God (c) obtain mercy (d) be satisfied (e) inherit the earth 

59. After resurrection Jesus appeared to his disciples for a period of ______ (a) 7 days (b) 40days (c) 30days (d) 3weeks (e) 21days 

60. Which of the following means the going up of Jesus into heaven? (a) inspiration (b) ascension (c) transfiguration (d) crucifixion (e) dissension

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