Tutorial Questions in English Language (SS 1)

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From the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence. 

1. The mother attempted to entice the children with the promise of biscuits (a) tempt (b) trick(c) deceive (d) enchant 

2. The two brothers were identical in character(a) similar (b) alike (c) indifferent (d)comparable

3. He was regarded as a man of remarkable modesty(a) reserved (b) patience(c) humility (d) simplicity 

4. What you cannot avoid you try to endure. (a) cast off (b) put off (c) tolerate (d) practice 

5. He inspected the materials before sending them to shop. (a) received (b) examined (c)viewed (d) saw 

6. Tolani could not conceal the truth from her mother (a) reveal (b) remove (c) doubt (d) hide 

7. She claimed that her husband had beaten her. (a) reported (b) narrated(c) asserted (d) announced 

8. There are some drugs that could exacerbate a particular illness (a) heal (b) ameliorate (c) worsen (d) confirm 

9. The manager was appalled by the attitude of some the workers. (a) convinced (b) disappointed (c) happy (d) depressed 

10. Gbenga’s neighbours find it difficult to put up with him (a) rely on (b) tolerate (c) live with (d) stay with 

Choose the word that is nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word in the sentences below 

11. To encourage productivity we must reward industry and ______ laziness (a) withhold (b) withdraw (c) punish (d) oppose 

12. I took the drug to relieve my headache only for it to _____ my condition(a) alleviate (b) provoke (c) abate (d) aggravate 

13. Tunde purchased various articles at the big sale near Kingsway and he _____ them all (a) bought (b) sold (c) distributed (d) lent 

14. In this argument, Ade was my supporter even though he is often my _____ in other matters(a) opponent (b) ally (c) friend (d) proponent 

15. Tell Ike something confidential and he makes it ______ the next minute (a) personal (b) public (c) popular (d) private 

16. You will succeed fairly well with adolescents if you coax rather than ____ them(a) love (b) punish (c) dislike (d) coerce 

17. You will make a good counsellor by listening to your clients rather than __________ them (a) offending (b) ignoring (c) mishandling (d) threatening 

18. The governor declined to give audience to the journalist (a) accepted (b) forge (c) ignored (d) refused 

19. We expected the market woman to accept our offer; instead she ____ it (a) rejected (b) dismissed (c) denied (d) abandoned 

20. Rachel was perturbed by her father’s illness but her sister remained ______. (a) tranquil (b) unaffected (c) disturbed (d) silent 

From the options A-D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences. 

21. Adamu is a good friend on _____ I can rely (a) who (b) whom (c) whose (d) which 

22. Ada has special love ____ children (a) in (b) for (c) of (d) with 

23. People are always afraid of Mr Femi because he is a _________. (a) an army (b) a soldier (c)a military (d) an army man 

24. The man ________ missed death during the collision (a) narrowly (b) extensively (b) always (c) amply 

25. He said he forgot _____ (a) that you said (b) why you said (c) what you said (d) when you said 

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From the words lettered A to D choose the word that has the same vowel or consonant sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined 

26. boat (a) climb (b) cab (c) tomb (d) comb 

27. sick (a) days (b) pants (c) boos (d) sure 

28. Groom (a) giraffe (b) gland (c) gesture (d) Geography 

29. Purpose (a) kernel (b) pun (c) moustache (d) sage 

30. Fled (a) sway (b) creative (c) breaches (d) leopard 

31. Tie (a) eight (b) height (c) piece (d) carries 

32. Tick (a) cook (b) paw (c) push (d) who 

33. Bet (a) pretty (b) leisure c) exact (d) penal 

34. Book (a) pool (b)brush (c) food (d) push 

35. Spot (a) court (b) purse (c) nod (d) snort 

From the words lettered A to D choose the word that rhymes with the given word. 
36. Burst (a) worst (b) marshed (c) perched (d) guessed 

37. Hunting (a) building (b) bunting (c) shouting (d) seething 

38. Balmy (a) musty (b) slimy (c) chummy (d) palmy 

39. Suspected (a) unwanted (b) repented (c) protected (d) congested 

40. Brake (a) start (b) stuck (c) steak (d) slick 

In the following passages, the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the list below each passage, four options are offered in columns letter A to D. Choose the word that is the most suitable to fill the numbered gaps in the passages 


In recent times, more and more people have become aware of the ____41____ of the stock market and the possibility of making huge profit from investing in stocks and shares. The process is quite easy. 

A person either buys the shares directly during a public__42____ or does so through professional institutions or a parts known as stocks ___43______. Thereafter, the buyer is issued with a share ____44___ to show that he owns shares in the company. Investing in stocks and shares can be for a long or short term. A long term investor does not hurry to sell his shares at any slight increase in price but instead he is satisfied with the ___45____, which the company sends to him and other ____46___ annually from the ____47______ it declares. This is usually paid according to the number of ___48____ the investor holds. Those who invest for a short term on the other hand, sell their shares as soon as they can make reasonable profit from their investment. 

However, it is advisable to be cautious because the stock market can be very ____49___ and occasionally there are __50_____ 

               A                B            C              D 

41. Trading operations method transaction 

42. Offer lottery action sales 

43. Traders cleaners brokers marketer 

44. warrant identification notice certificate 

45. dividend reward money payment 

46. buyers people creditors shareholders 

47. amount profit value unit 

48. hens paper shares receipt 

49.Unsure independent elusive unpredictable 

50.Falls crashes slip drop

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After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations is given. Choose the interpretation that you consider most appropriate for each sentence. 

51. Ladies and gentlemen, the worst may be over, but we are not out of the woods yet. This means that we are ______ (a) still in the forest (b) not yet ready to celebrate our success (c) likely to encounter more difficulties (d) everything is easy 

52. The new President received his visitors with open arms. This means that the new President____ (a) gave every visitor a smile (b) allowed some visitors in without any drilling(c) loved each of his visitors (d) welcomed his visitors warmly 

53. Ademola was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. This means that _______. (a) always uses a silver spoon to eat (b) was born a weakling (c) was born into a rich family (d) won a silver spoon at a lottery 

54. The counsellor said that as his hands were full, he would not be able to see me this week. This means that he ____ (a) was tired of attending to clients (b) was tired to attending to customers (c) was very busy (d) had a lot of money in his hands 

55. The police knew that the suspect was not being straight with them. This means that the suspect was ____ (a) not telling the truth (b) not friendly (c) afraid (d) timid 

Fill in the gaps with the most suitable words from the options A-D 

56. The wages ___ sin is death. (a) was (b) are (c) off (d) of 

57. Some parents like to show their children __ (a) of (b) on (c) in (d) off 

58. Vitamin C is obtained ____ citrus fruits (a) by (b)from (c)in (d) of 

59. Does your mother always ______ her new car? (a) drives (b) driving (c) drive (d) drove 

60. The robbers _____before the police arrived(a) was gone (b) has gone (c)had gone (d) have gone 



Read the following passage carefully and answer the question on it 

The announcement in 2011 that the world population had hit seven billion mark seemed to have taken many people by surprise. Most people wondered how humanity could have grown by a billion with phenomenal increase. Let us examine the factors that have prompted the rise in population. To begin with, think of the health facilities obtainable some centuries earlier compared with now. Man’s knowledge of medical care was appalling some centuries ago. Today, with medical centres within easy reach of most people, and with drugs available to combat virtually all forms of diseases, death rate has been drastically reduced, while life expectancy has risen significantly in most countries. This has caused the great reduction in infant mortality and subsequently increased the number of senior citizens. Similarly, there is the vital role of education. The spread of education has created a great level of awareness about human welfare and health. Even primary school pupils know the dangers of drinking unwholesome water, living in an unclean environment and ignoring simple rules of hygiene. Besides, education has deflated the various myths and superstition have pervaded our father’s lives. Nutrition is also a significant contributor. As agricultural practices continue to be aided by serious research efforts, and as tools for farming the land continue to be more available, food supply has been greatly enhanced in an unprecedented way. Today, more food crops can be available on less land area than was the case. Thus, the monster of hunger that used to cause starvation and death is being progressively tamed 

Finally, think of the relative security humanity has enjoyed in the past few decades. In the past centuries, major wars were a common phenomenon. Was that ravaged Europe and Africa for many decades have almost been forgotten. Although there are still some skirmishes in some parts of the world, these have not been serious enough to bring about a significant change in population. What is then is the net result? Each factor translates to healthier, safer and longer life. Consequently, our population multiples at a consistent rate. So, we need not be surprised that world population is seven billion may have double the present trend continues unabated, the planet Earth may soon become too small to house mankind. For example, arable land may be grossly inadequate to support food production for the very large population. Also, if the population continues to grow unchecked, there will be too many people who may contribute to polluting the environment. Just imagine the amount of waste that would be generated daily by homes, industries and institutions. These waste and debris, if not collected regularly and disposed of properly, may lead to environment degradation. We should, therefore, watch it. 

(a) In four sentences, one for each, summarize the factor that have prompted the rapid increase in world population. 

(b) In two sentences, one for each, summarize what is likely to happen if the population continues to grow unchecked. 

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Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions 


The great white shark is at the top of the marine food chain. In the shark family, it is the king, it eats anything, even other sharks. But as it gets older, bigger and slower, it develops a preference for seals, penguins and carrion, especially dead whales. 

In locating their food, most sharks use all their senses, including excellent vision. Their ears are aided by pressure – sensitive cells along each side of their body, nothing escapes this eavesdropping systems which is attuned to vibrations in the water 

Sharks also have a sixth sense which enables them to detect the weak electrical fields emanating from the beating heart or the swimming muscles of a potential prey. 

The white shark’s most fearsome assets are its huge head, its black eyes, and its razor – shark serrated teeth. The circulatory system of the white shark is different from that of most other sharks. Its blood temperature is about three to five degrees Celsius above water temperature. This speeds up digestion, adds to its strength and endurance. 

It is known that the white shark spits out its wounded prey after an initial powerful bite. Then it waits for its victim to die before eating it. Why does it use this bite – and – spite strategy? Experts speculates that this is because of its eyes. 

Unlike other sharks. The white shark has no eyelid – like membrane to protect its eyes rather it rotates them in the sockets when a collision is immense. At the moment of impact the eyes is left exposed, perhaps to the flaying claws of a seal. Therefore, for the white shark a quick mortal ‘strike and release’ is common behavior. 

The public image of sharks has been greatly coloured by the novel, Jaws which was turned into a popular movie. Overnight the white shark became evil incarnate. However, it is not a demon craving human flesh. The smell of blood does not drive it into a feeding frenzy as it does certain other sharks. Nevertheless it is a dangerous animal that should be treated with caution and respect. 

A How do sharks use their sixth sense? 

B In what significant way is the circulatory system of white shark different from that of other sharks . 

C What according to the passage is the probable reason why the white sharks wait for its victim to die before eating it? 

D I. What is the writer’s attitude to the white shark? 

II. quote an expression from the passage to support your answer 

E However, it is not a demon craving human flesh. what figure of speech is contained in this expression? 

F For each of the following words, find another word or phrase which means the same and which can replace it as used passage 

(i) Preference (ii) attuned (iii) Emanating (iv) Speculate (v) mortal (vi) Colored 

Instruction: Choose one question from this part. 


1. Write a letter to the Minister of Transportation on the causes of road accidents on the roads in your country. 

2. You had a quarrel with your best friend and have not been on speaking terms ever since. Now that you are about to leave secondary school, write to your friend giving at least three reasons why you should become friends again. 

3. Narrate a story to illustrate the warning, ‘Look before you leap’ 

4. Write your argument for or against the topic: “It is the home and not the school that contributes more to moral laxity among students” 

5. Write an article suitable for publication in your school magazine on: “The evil effects of examination malpractice in our society”. 


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