Tutorial Questions in English Language (JS 1)


I will tell you a story about Tortoise. It was a time of famine. Tortoise found some food which he wanted to eat secretly so as not to share it with his wife. So he went to the forest and asked a tree: 

“Tree, can I sit under you to eat my food? 

“Yes, but you must give some to my children”, the tree replied.

“How many have you?”, asked Tortoise 

“Only three”, replied Tree 

“Well I can’t spare food for three other eaters. I came here because there isn’t enough for us’. 

Next he came to Stream and asked: 

“Stream, can I sit on your bank to eat?” 

“First give some to my children to eat”, replied stream. 

“How many are they?” Asked Tortoise 

“Only five”, replied Stream. 

“I just can’t”, said Tortoise. I refused to give shares to three children of tree. How can I feed five streamlets?” 


1. What does this story tell you about Tortoise? 

2. The best title for this story is? 

3. Why did the Tortoise leave his house? 

4. Did the Tortoise consent to the demand of the tree? 

5. What was the intention of the Tortoise? 

6. What condition was given to the Tortoise by the tree? 

7. What was Tortoise request to the stream? 

8. What was the stream’s reply? 

9. The tree has how many children? 

10. The stream has how many children? 

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READ THESE WORDS: bag bottle cup handful loaf packet spoonful 


Old Mrs Ogun was very poor, but she liked to make a _11__of hot tea each morning. She could afford only one __12__ 0f tea each month.So each day, she used only a very small _13___ of tea. 

The neighbours tried to help Mrs Ogun. Sometimes, one neighbor brought her a __14___ 

of rice; another brought a _15___of bread or a ___16__ of oil. Once my Aunt Bola managed to put a ___17___ of tea into the half empty packet when Mrs Ogun was not looking. 

Fill the blank spaces with the suitable word from the options lettered A-D. 

18. The male of a goose is (a) gander (b) geese (c) goosen (d) gooder 

19.What is the synonym of thin? (a) chubby (b) fat (c) big (d) slender 

20. I know this book is ___ but whose are those? (a) she (b) he (c) yours (d) there 

21. The old man hid ___ under the bed. (a) himself (b) themselves (c) herself (d) theirselves 

22. Passengers cannot disembark until the boat… (a) weighs anchor (b) sets sail (c) sinks (d) docks 

23. The plane …. on time (a) checked (b) taxied (c) embarked (c) took off 

24. Mr Anubi is my …. I married his daughter. (a) son-in –law (b) father- in – law (c) stepfather (d) uncle 

25. Mallam Ahmed hung up his clothes in the new __________ in his bedroom. (a) store (b) cupboard (c) wardrobe (d) mattress 

26. Mrs Edu is a poultry farmer, so her family eats plenty of _________ (a) pork (b) eggs (c) beef (d) mutton 

27. Our plane landed and taxied along the______ to the airport buildings. (a) runway (b) track (c) hangar (d)cockpit 

Pick the nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined words from the alternatives below. 

28. There was chaos in the city. (a)quiet (b) order (c) law (d) regulation 

29. The man is very diligent (a) hardworking (b) lazy (c)industrious (d) petulant 

30. He hurriedly ran to the gate (a) happily (b) bravely (c) slowly (d) quickly 

31. The girls’ prefect was arrogant. (a) sad (b) humble (c)proud (d) kind 

32. The teacher is on temporary appointment in this school. (a) paying (b)permanent (c) long (d) fixed 

33. Our house is always noisy on Saturdays. (a) restless (b) busy (c) quiet (d) quite 

34. My sister said that the stranger was rude to her. (a) Polite (b) kind (c) proud (d)friendly 

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Pick out the word nearest in meaning to the underlined words 
35. The student was rebuked for cheating in the examination (a) punished (b) blamed (c) rebuff (d) praised 

36. I requested my father to send me some money. (a) demanded (b) ordered (c) told (d) asked 

37. Put down those facts and always remember them (a) write (b) observe (c) consider (d) narrate 

38. Kofi always complains of one ailment or another (a) dosage (b) problem (c) suffering (d) illness 

39. I will forgo my initial plans because of time (a)Carry out (b) destroy (c) leave (d) guard against 

Fill the blank spaces with the suitable word from the options lettered A-D. 
40. Tunde has been ________ since morning (a) eaten (b) eating (c) ate (d) eat 

41. We should have ____ by now. (a) dance (b) dancing (c) dancer (d) danced 

42. My brother ______ bread so much (a)like (b) likes (c) liking (d) had liked 

43. I ________very hard lately. (a) will work (b) would work (c) have been working (d)have worked 

44. About three months ago, I had occasion _____ Mecca. (a) of visiting (b) for visiting (c) to visit (d) in visiting 

In the following lists, the consonant in one word is different from those in the others. Pick out the odd one. 

           A      B   C     D 

45. Fan, fame, van, fat. 

46. Too, date, do, day. 

47. Sit, shore, saw, sip. 

48. Drive, drew, thrive, drop. 

The vowel in one of the words in each of the lists below does not belong to the group. Pick out the odd one. 

       A         B     C       D 

49. Blood, dove, come, flood 

50. Thirst, work, nurse, colonel 

The vowel in one of the words in each of the lists below does not rhyme with the others. Pick out the odd word. 

          A     B    C    D 

51. Receive, deceive, rest, relieve 

52. Heart, lark, fast, hat 

53. First, head, guess, stretch 

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose from the alternative lettered A-E the word which is correctly. 

54. A. Neccessary B. Necessary C. Neceessary D. Neseesary 

55. A. Accountant B. Acauntant C. Acountant D. Accauntant 

56. A. Writeing B. Writting C. Wreiting D. Writing 

57. A. parliment B. parliament C. paliament D. parliement 

Choose from the alternatives lettered A-E the one that correctly answers the questions below. 

58. Okon ran like a gazelle is a _____. (a) personification (b) simile (c) metaphor (d) parable 

59. A play that ends happily is called _______. (a) sonnet (b) tragedy (c) comedy (d) tragi-comedy 

60. The sun smiled at us as we trooped out of the bush path is an example of _____ (a) simile (b) apostrophe (c) metaphor (d) personification 


Instruction: Answer four questions in this section. Choose one question from part I and three other questions from part II 


Answer one question from this section. Your answer should be about 200 words long. Choose either A or B and write on it. 

1. a. Write a letter to your father requesting for money required for an excursion organized by your school. Try to justify the usefulness of the excursion. 


b. Write for or against the motion that ‘Public schools are better than private schools’. 


2. Change the following sentences from active to passive. 

I. I am eating a plate of eba. 

II. Bola baked the cake yesterday. 

III. The blind man could not find the flower. 

IV. Mr Giwa taught me how to write letters. 

V. She had just delivered a baby boy. 

Change from passive to active voice 

VI. They bought a jacket for me. 

VII. The car was driven by my father. 

VIII. The book was read by the pupils. 

IX. Julia loved her little doll. 

X. The food was eaten by the hungry man 


I. Choose 

II. Blow 

III. Leave 

IV. Grow 

V. Shoot 

VI. Dream 

VII. Burst 

VIII. Freeze 

IX. Drink 

X. Break 

4. Complete the following by supplying suitable prefixes and suffixes using these (dis-, mis-, uni-,mal-, sub-, poly-, in-, im-, ex-, fore-, un-, inter-, tri-, -ment, -ity, -ly) 
I. Develop_____ 

II. ____marine 

III. Equal_______ 

IV. ______port 

V. _____behave 

VI. ____possible 

VII. Order______ 

VIII. ____divisible 

IX. _____national 

X. ______known

5. Provide the plural forms of the following nouns: 

Singular                                      Plural 

I. Potato 

II. Fly 

III. Chief 

IV. Mouse 

V. Shelf 

VI. Glass 

VII. Fireman 

VIII. Knife 

IX. Tooth 

X. Man-servant 

6. Give the feminine gender of:- 

a) Widower 

b) Duke 

c) Bachelor 

d) Nephew 

e) Host 

Give the masculine gender of:- 

f) Witch 

g) Waitress 

h) Emperess 

i) Aunt 

j) landlady 


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