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PAPER 1 (JS 1)



Diet and Nutrition 

Diet is the total amount of food consumed by a person. Nutritious food contains all the essential nutrients – protein, fat and oil, vitamins etc. a balanced diet should contain all these in the right proportions and sufficient quantity. The word diet implies a particular intake of food for health or weight management reasons. Every person or culture has some preferences or taboos about food due to morality, personal taste or religion.

Nutrition is the provision of materials in the form of food to an organism to support its life. Food is a thing which when eaten and digested can be used by the body to provide energy, or substances that help in body building and repair or in the preservation of health. Food includes many things we eat and drink. 

Foods may be grouped into types according to whether they are (a) solid or liquid, (b) local or imported, (c) cereals, vegetables or fruits, and (d) eaten raw or cooked. Solid foods are yam, rice, bread and beans. Examples of liquid food are milk, cocoa drinks and fruit juices. Local foods can be sourced domestically e.g. Sweet potato, guinea corn, yam and beans. Imported foods are stock fish, milk, pasta and cheese. Foods that can be eaten raw include lettuce, pawpaw, cucumber and carrot. Those that can be cooked are yam, rice, meat, fish and potato. Foods can also be grouped into classes based on the chemical composition of the food and the nutrients present in the food. Accordingly, foods are grouped into six classes, namely carbohydrates, proteins, fat and oils, vitamins. Carbohydrates are composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is 2:1. Proteins comprise carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen atoms. They may also contain sulphur and phosphorus. Proteins are body building food. Fat and oils are composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Fats are solid at room temperature while oils are liquids at room temperature, but their chemical compositions are similar. 


A poor diet may have a serious impact on a person’s health, causing diseases such as scurvy, kwashiorkor, obesity, diabetes and heart conditions. It is best to eat a wide variety of foods, especially fresh, unprocessed foods.

1. What should a balanced diet contain? 

2. Mention three things that can affect the preference a person or culture has about food. 

3. Give two examples of food that can be eaten without being cooked. 

4. Which food class can be solid and which can be liquid at room temperature? 

5. Mention two things that should not be regarded as food.

6. Which word in the first paragraph means the same as eaten?                        (a) balanced (b) consumed (c) proportion (d) diet (e) food 

7. According to the passage, which of the following does not contain nitrogen atoms? (a) proteins (b) fats and oils (c) meat (d) beans (e) rice 

8. The word unique as used in the fifth paragraph means (a) inclusive (b) matchless (c) common (d) replaceable (e) quest 

9. Which of the following is not supported by the passage? (a) local foods can be sourced internationally (b) a poor diet may have a dangerous effect on a person (c) a balanced diet should have a dangerous effect on a person (d) Alcohol is not an example of food. (e) it is good to eat 

10. Which of the following food sources is responsible for the repair of damaged cells? (a) proteins (b) carbohydrates (c) vitamins (d) fats and oils. (e) starch 


Choose the best words out of the following to fill the blanks. 

Deficiency, build, needed, features, energy, diet 

Essential, provision, unprocessed, six 

Diet is the sum of food eaten by a person. A balanced diet should contain_____11______ nutrients. Nutrition is the ____12_______ food to support a person’s life. Foods can be grouped into_____13____ classes. Carbohydrates give______14__ proteins ___15_______ the body. Fats and oils have similar______16___ . Vitamins are ___17_______ in small amounts, though a lack of results in ____18_____ leading to diseases. A poor ____19_____ may cause diseases. Food should be eaten___20_______. 

21. A formal letter is the type of letter you write to your __________ (a) friend (b) principal (c) class mates (d) parents (e) pen pal 

22. Formal letters have _________ addresses. (a) three (b) none (c) two (d) one (e) four 

23. ___________ is one of the features of a formal letter. (a)yours faithfully (b) your friend (c) slang (d) no title (e) yours sincerely 

24. To sign off a formal letter, you write: (a) your friend (b) my heart (c) Yours faithfully (d) yours sincerely (e) gbabeski 

Underline the nouns in the following sentences and write down the type of noun. 

25. Texas is the largest city in America. 

26. She has a necklace around her neck. 

27. I saw a pack of wolves. 

28. Love is a beautiful thing. 

29. The principal is Mr Oseni 

30. I saw a pride of lions at the Zoo. 

31. The vowel sound /i:/ can be produced in all of the following except ONE. 

(a) leash (b) kill (c) been (d) dean (e) good 

32. One of the following is not a monophthong. 

(a ) / / (b) /v:/ (c) /D/ (d) /u:/ (e) /ei/ 

33. Which of these is a proper noun? 

(a) Lion (b) Cup (c) Monkey (d) Thomas (e) boy 

34. A prose is written in form of a __________ 

(a) diagram (b) song (c) play (d) story (e) epistle 

35. A _________ writes a play. 

(a) Playwrite (b) dramatic (c) playright (d) playwright (e) poet 

36. Literature is used to _______________ one’s mind or feelings. 

(a) admire (b) express (c) destroy (d) connect (e) spoil 

37. Another name for an author is _______________ 

(a) an artist (b) a writer (c) a novelist (d) a story-teller (e) a dramatist 

38. A ___________ is used to describe a noun. 

(a) A pronoun (b) An adjective (c) A preposition (d) A verb (e) adverb 

39. A _______________ is an example of countable nouns. 

(a) bread (b) milk (c) River (d) powder (e) rice 


40. The part of speech that tells us which action is done is referred to as _____________ 

(a) a verb (b) a pronoun (c) a doing word (d) an adverb (e) preposition 

41. Which of the following is not a figure of speech? (a) irony (b) genre (c) hyperbole (d) simile (e) metaphor 

42. The subject of a literary work of art is (a) structure (b) setting (c) theme (d) tone (e) diction 

43. Which of these is a feature of prose? (a) It has rhyming scheme (b) It involves dialogue 

(c) It is written in paragraphs and chapter (d) It predicts the writer’s mood (e) it is written by an author. 

44. An author is the writer of a ________ (a) text book (b) novel (c) play (d) a poem (e) anthology 

45. A play that ends happily is called (a) sonnet (b) tragedy (c) comedy (d) tragic-comedy (e) octave 

Choose the word that has the same sound with the one represented by the letters underlined. 

46. King (a) greet (b) fill (c) break (d) graph (e) bite 

47. Buy (a) ugly (b) fry (c) wrath (d) listen (e) good 

48. Bread (a) count (b) about (c) lead (d) fed (e) buoy 

49. Voice (a) flute (b) buoy (c) bout (d) fowl (e) fowl 

50. Bite (a) kit (b) sign (c) fish (d) coin (e) but 



INSTRUCTION: Answer one question in this part 

1. Write a descriptive essay on: my first day in a secondary school. 

2. Write an expository composition on ‘our new house. 


INSTRUCTION: This question is compulsory 


Underline the adjectives in the following sentences and write down the type of each one. 

i. She is an efficient secretary. 

ii. The man has ten cars. 

iii. Which house is yours? 

iv. This is a blue boat. 

v. She left everything to her children. 


Answer one question from the under listed 

1. Write short notes on the following: 

i. Personification 

ii. Simile 

iii. Metaphor 

iv. Alliteration 

2. What is literature? 

ii. what are the importance of literature? 


PAPER 2 (JS 2) 



Ekwefi has suffered a good deal in her life. She had borne ten children and nine of them had died in infancy, usually before the age of three. At last Ezinma was born and although ailing, she seemed determined to live. At first Ekwefi accepted her, as she had accepted others. But when she lived on to her fourth, fifth and sixth years, love returned once more to her. In other to love and nurse her child to health, she put all her being into it. 

She was rewarded by occasional spells of health during which Ezinma bubbled with energy like fresh palm wine. At such times she seemed beyond danger. But all of a sudden she would go down again. Everybody said she was an Ogbanje. These sudden bouts of sickness and health were typical of her kind. She had lived so long that perhaps she had decided to stay. Some of them did become tired of their evil rounds of birth and death or took pity on their mothers and stayed. Ekwefi believed deep inside her that Ezinma had come to stay. She believed because it was that faith alone that gave her own life any kind of meaning. 


1. How had Ekwefi suffered? (a) she had too many children (b) she couldn’t feed the children (c) she had lost three children (d) she had lost nine children (e) she couldn’t conceive 

2. Why did Ekwefi love Ezinma? (a) Ezinma seemed determined to live (b) Ezinma was a bright girl (c) she was a kind girl (d)because she was a hard worker (e) she was like her 

3. How old do you think Ezinma was? (a) three years (b) ten years (c) nine years (d) over 6 years (e) twenty years 

4. According to the writer, Ekwefi believed her daughter would live because ____ (a) she had no other choice (b) Ezinma loved palm wine (c) Ezinma was very energetic (d) doctors had found a cure for her illness (e) she was fat. 

5. When the writer says ‘all of a sudden she would go down’ he meant_____ (a) suddenly she would become ill (b) she went downstairs quickly (c) suddenly she fell down (d) she ran quickly down the road (e) she will go down the road 

Complete this summary with suitable phrases from the passage. 

The writer described the illness of_6_______ the ______7__ daughter of _________8_ people called Ezinma would_____9__ because ____10____ . It was faith which gave Ekwefi the desire____11__ this. 



Read the following text and decide which answer (a, b, c, or d) best fits each space 

Okonkwo’s children were______ especially their hair which was shaved in ____ patterns.Okonkwo’s three wives talked_______ about_____ who had been invited and the children_____ in the thought of being spoilt by these visitors from motherland. The new yam ________ seemed to okonkwo to be a much bigger event here than in a place which was already ________ and vague in his__.  


12. decorated painted designed drawn 

13. Beautiful joyful handsome ugly 

14. Regrettably hotly repeatedly excitedly 

15. Opponents relations foes enemies 

16. Reviled smeared revelled revealed 

17. occasion ceremony enjoyment festival 

18. receptive reformed ready real 

19. information imagination mirage dream 


20. Adverbs of manner tells you how something is done or _________ (a) started (b)happened (c) weighed (d) featured (e) shared 

21. The lecturer always________ his students. 

(a) Advise (b) advising (c) advices (d) advises (e) advice 

22. Charles’ recommended glasses_____ broken. (a) Is (b) have (c) are (d) has (e) did 

23. I am good at maths_________ (a) am i? (b) I am? (c) are you? (d) aren’t I? (e) don’t i? 

24. He gave me ________ yesterday. (a) some advices (b) one advice (c) a piece of advice (d) advice (e) a advises. 

25. Could you please_______ me your ruler? (a) give (b) lend (c) borrow (d) bring (e) gave 

Pick the antonyms to the underlined words from the alternatives below 

26. There was chaos in the city. (a) quiet (b) order (c) law (d) regulation (e) happiness 

27. The man is very industrious (a) ill tempered (b) troublesome (c)  petulant (d) indolent (e) encouraged 

28. He was induced to take that decision. (a) indisposed (b) dissuaded (c) disinclined (d) encouraged (e) told 

29. Five of the accused were convicted while others were_________ (a) cautioned (b) executed (c) acquitted (d) exonerated (e) relieved 

30. The demise of the president caused a stir. (a) death (b) birth (c) arrest (d) transmutation (e) uselessness 

Use the words in the list below to complete the expressions: (heap, slice, group, bouquet, pair) 

31. A ________ of students 

32. A _________ of scissors 

33. A _________ of rubbish 

34. A __________ of flowers 

35. A __________ of bread 

In the sentences below, indicate whether the underlined verbs are transitive or intransitive. 

36. The girl of yesterday did the work. 

37. The children are leaving today. 

38. Good citizens love their country. 

39. My parents are in the room. 

40. The teacher paused for a moment. 

41. Adekunle fought like a lion on the field. This is an example of 

(a) simile (b) metaphor (c) hyperbole (d) personification (e) irony 

42. Which of the following is personification? 

(a) He is a hare on the field (b) The sun smiled and everywhere became bright (c) The girl talks like a parrot (d) He does it mechanically (e) he sang 

43. Setting in literature means ________ 

(a) the chief character in the story (b) the actor’s orderliness before performance (c) the place where events of the story took place (d) the way the stage is set for the play (e) all of the above 

44. Kemi is a parrot. Which figure of speech is this? (a) oxymoron (b) satire 

(c) hyperbole (d) personification (e) irony 

45. The writer of a poem is called _______ (a) pottery (b) hero (c) character (d) poet (e) dramatist 

Choose the word that has the same sound with the one represented by the letters underlined. 

46. King (a) greet (b) fill (c) break (d) graph (e) boy 

47. Buy (a) ugly (b) fry (c) wrath (d) listen (e) boys 

48. Bread (a) count (b) about (c) lead (d) fed (e) sweet 

49. Voice (a) flute (b) buoy (c) bout (d) fowl (e) but 

50. Bite (a) kit (b) sign (c) fish (d) coin (e) buoy 



Choose only one of the following essays. 

1. Write a narrative composition on ‘the day I will never forget’. 

2. Write a letter to your principal complaining about lack of duster in the classroom and its effect on the children. 


This part is compulsory 

Indicate the type of adjectives in the sentences below: 

i. Mrs. Bassey drives a red car. 

ii. This is my second time in Paris. 

iii. Folake invited many people to her party. 

iv. The old woman is indeed a kind woman. 

v. Father likes to read that weekly magazine. 


Answer one question from the under listed 

1. Write short notes on the following 

i. Oxymoron 

ii. Personification 

iii. Metaphor 

iv. Assonance 

2. (a) What is literature? 

(b) list 5 importance of literature. 

PAPER 3 (JS 3) 




The people of Ama village, Ohia hamlet and other nearby hamlets used to come to Mr. Okafor to get him to write letters to their relatives in different parts of the country. He wrote for them at least fifteen letters each week. It was just at the beginning of term that Mr Okafor had an idea. People everywhere were writing to their relatives in the army asking them to come home quickly as possible. Mr. Okafor could not cope with the demands being made on him so he made Eze come to school every Saturday to write letters for the people who wanted them written. At first, people only laughed when Mr. Okafor told them little Eze would write their letters for them. But being a clever man, he wanted to prove to them that Eze could write anything they said. So he made Eze write the writers in the school and when he finished each, the owner went with it to Mr. Okafor’s house. There, he read what Eze had written; the people saw that he wrote what they said word for word- their sentences, exclamations, idiomatic expressions and proverbs. Soon they were convinced that he was good; some said he was as good as Mr. Okafor himself. 


1. Mr. Okafor wrote______ (a) 50 letters a week (b) 5 letters a day (c) 15 letters a week (d) 25 letters a week (e) four letters 

2. Mr. Okafor’s idea was that (a) relatives could come and write the letters (b) Eze could write the letters (c) he himself could write the letters (d) the villagers could walk to the next village (e) he should go to school. 

3. The people laughed at Mr. Okafor because_________(a) they didn’t believe a small boy can write (b) they liked the letter heads (c) they came to enjoy a party (d) the letters were funny (e) the hand writing is bad 

4. According to the writer, Mr. Okafor was___ (a) a busy man who understand the people’s needs (b) a lazy man who hated extra work (c) a harsh man who forced Eze to come to school on Saturdays (d) a proud man who felt he was very good (e) a womaniser 

5. The tone of the passage is (a) sad (b) worried (c) cheerful (d) violent 

(e) Indifferent 

Make adjectives from the following words and use the newly formed words in sentences. 

6. Joyfully 

7. Happily 

8. Proudly 

9. Gently 

10. Lightly 


Choose the best words from the list of words below,  that can suitably fill the blanks. 

Congregation, celebrated, annual, community, cleansing, houses, allowed, worship, happens, pray 

The relationship between a Christian denomination and its___11___ is currently strained. The problem is the Oro festival. The ____12__ oro festival is___13___ with the_14______ of the environment by men of the ___15______ . On Oro day, women do not come out of their __16_ . Children and strangers also are not__17_____ to come out of their rooms. When it falls on a Sunday, and this __18______ once in seven years, nobody goes to church to _19______ and ___20_____ 

21. Adjectives are words that __________ nouns and pronouns. (a) portray (b) emphasize (c) stimulate (d) describe (e) determine 

22. Quantifying adjectives tells you something about the ________ of a thing. (a) correlation (b) quality (c) amount (d) quantity (e) commotion 

23. Adverbs of manner tells you how something is done or _________ (a) started (b)happened (c) weighed (d) featured (e) shared 

24. If I _________ to the cinema, I would return early. (a) goes (b) went (c) gone (d) going (e) wented. 

25. His view about us is opposed________ mine. (a) from (b) over (c) of (d) to (e) 0n. 

Choose the correct conjunction for the sentences below. 

(Since, Wherever, Because, While, Where) 

26. My sister follows me_______ I go 

27. He has not been himself________his son’s death. 

28. I like listening to music________I read 

29. I was angry________i was insulted. 

30. Hide it________others cannot find it. 

From the items below, choose the option that could be used to replace the phrases underlined in each of the following. 

31. When the whistle was blown, pandemonium broke loose (a) a dog called pandemonium ran away (b) everybody ran helter skelter.                     (c) some people ran mad (d) a tree broke into pieces (e) someone died. 

32. Mr. Aire has a wayward son (a) a road-using son (b) a way-side son (c) an obedient son (d) an uncontrollable son (e) a good girl 

33. No public figure will brook criticism (a) go near brook (b) tolerate criticisms (c) punish critics (d) tolerate criticism (e) answer. 

34. The constable’s voice tailed off. (a) Developed a tail (b)cracked                       (c) was blocked (d) dropped so much it was difficult to hear him (e) develop tail. 

35. They turned down our offer. (a) accepted (b) rejected (c) removed (d) received (e) they push it off. 

36. Educated people are held in high esteem (a) very tall people (b) seen as stern (c) known as poor people (d) highly respected and admired (e) are highly placed. 

Fill in the gaps with suitable words 

37. A teacher ________ students 

38. One who taps wine is a______ 

39. A _______ makes shoes 

40. A female duke is a _____ 

41. Which of the following is not a figure of speech? (a) oxymoron (b) genre (c) paradox (d) simile (e) irony 

42. The subject of a literary work of art is _______ (a) setting (b theme (c) tone (d) structure (e) diction 

43. One of the following is a peculiar feature of drama. (a) dialogue                (b) satire (c) sarcasm (d) humour (e) irony 

44. Most poems are written in ___ (a) stanzas (b) rhymes (c) chapters (d) paragraphs (e) short story form. 

45. The dress of an actor is called___ (a) attire (b) costume (c) uniform (d) regalia (e) dress. 


From the words lettered A to D, choose the word that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letters underlined. 

46. Voice (a) oil (b) place (c) of (d) off (e) list 

47. Dog (a) don (b) dawn (c) dam (d) dot (e) gay 

48. Those (a) think (b) this (c) dough (d) thin (e) ding 

49. Trial (a) friar (b) loyal (c) tried (d) thin (e) soap 

50. Quarry (a) quake (b) quick (c) queen (d) squire (e) sweet 




INSTRUCTION: Answer ONE question in this part. 

1. Write a letter to your mother who is overseas telling her about the problems you are facing in school and at home. 

2. Write a composition on the topic: ‘’what I want to become in future’’. 

This part is compulsory. 

Fill in the gaps with appropriate possessive pronouns in the following sentences. 

i. They have a washing machine. It is _______ 

ii. Those are their books. They’re____ 

iii. You have a boat. Its _______ 

iv. It is my book. It’s _____ 

v. He has a pet dog. Its _____ 

vi. We have a large house. Its ________ 


Answer only one question from each book 

The ugly ones refuse to die 

1. Narrate how Jude became the presidential candidate of his party 


2. Discuss the characters of 

i. Esther 

ii. Felix 

iii. Billy 

The government worker 

3. Write short notes on the following characters 

i. Nicodemus 

ii. Ngozi 

iii. Cynthia 

iv. Mama Ijeoma 


4. Write on the theme of corruption with reference to happenings in the book. 



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