Tutorial Questions for Computer Science (ICT) SS1

1. Meeting among two or more people wit the use of ICT is called ______ (a) Tele-meeting (b) Computer meeting (c) Telecomputing (d) Teleconferencing (e) none of the above 

2. Which of the following is not an object of communicating using ICT? (a) E-mail (b) SMS (c) Oral message (d) video (e) video conferencing 

3. The use of technologies such as internet for communicating with computer is called ______ (a) telecomputing (b) telemessaging (c) net meeting (d) digital meeting (e) none of the above

4. Google is an example of ________ (a) ICT gadget (b) search engine (c) internet software (d) desktop application (e) none of the above 

5. ATM stands for _______ (a) Automatic teller machine (b) Automated teller machine (c) Automatic telephone machine (d) Automated telephone machine (e) Automatic phone machine 

6. Mobile phones can be used for all the following except_____ (a) browser the internet (b) send short text message (c) receive message (d) install software (e) makes calls

7. The transmission of audio and video by digital signal is referred to as ____ (a) manual television broadcasting (b) analog television broadcasting (c) binary television broadcasting (d) digital television broadcasting (e) none of the above 

8. The process by which a computer, when turn on, begins to load its operating system is called _______ (a) start up (b) warm up (c) shut down (d) booting (e) none of the above 

9. We have _______ type(s) of booting (a) 5 (b) 4 (c) 3 (d) 2 (e) 1

10. Restarting the operating system of a computer without switching on the computer is also known as _______ (a) booting (b) warm booting (c) cold booting (d) hot booting (e) raining booting 

11. A/an ________ is a small object/picture that represents a file, program or command. (a) icon (b) graph (c) software (d) window (e) cursor 

12. Which of the following icons is not common on the desktop screen? (a) My computer (b) Network (c) Recycle bin (d) Control panel (e) My document 

13. One of the following steps is not involved in shutting down the computer (a) click on stop button (b) click on start button (c) click on turn off computer (d) click on turn off (e) none of the above

14. Copying a document means ______ the document. (a) duplicating (b) repeating (c) inserting (d) replacing (e) refreshing

15. Arial, Times New Romas, Tohoma and Calibri are examples of _______ (a) font face (b) font size (c) font style (d) font appearance  (e) none of the above

16. BASIC stands for ________ (a) binary access simple internet computer (b) binary arithmetic science impact chart (c) beginners all-purpose systematic instruction code (d) beginners all-purpose impact chart (e) beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code 

17. In BASIC programming, each line must be preceded by a ______ (a) 1 (b) 100 (c) 10,000 (d) 9999 (e) none of the above 

18. One of the following is not a BASIC statement (a) CLS (b) DO (c) LET (d) END (e) PRINT

19. Which of these statement is used to assign value to a variable (a) REM (b) INPUT (c) LET (d) CLS (e) END

20. A peripherals device which is used to provide control signal to a computer is called______________(a) hardware (b) input device (c) output device (d) control device (e) central device

21. A panel of keys used to enter text, character and other commands into the computer is called______________(a) motherboard (b) mouse (c) touch pad (d) keyboard (e) functions keys 

22. The keyboard is used for all except______________
(a) input data (b) input command (c) access menus on computer (d) input information (e) increase the speed of the computer.

23. ______________ is not among the group of keys found on the keyboard 
(a) Cap lock keys (b) arrows keys (c) numeric keys (d) special keys                     (e) navigation keys

24. One of the following is not a function key (a) F2 (b) F13 (c) F1 (d) F4 (e) F10

25. Which key is used to refresh current windows or reload a web page?
(a) F1 (b) F8 (c) F10 (d) F4 (e) F5

26. The mouse cannot be used to do one of the following 
(a) turn on the computer (b) point at an icon (c) drag an icon (d) right click on an icon (e) double click on an icon

27. One disadvantage of the mechanical mouse is that it 
(a) work well on any surface (b) needs frequent cleaning (c) is very robust (d) can not work in bright light

28. To do multiple selections, one needs to hold down the ______ key while left clicking the mouse button.(a) F4 (b) enter (c) F1 (d) CTRL (e) F9

29. Which of these keys will not move the cursor to another location?
(a) Navigation key (b) spacebar (c) back space (d) shift key control key

30. A record of the list of students in a class is an example of ______________
(a) Information (b) statistics (c) register (d) file (e) data 

31. In a rectangle, the length and width represent ______________ while the area represents ______________(a) information, data (b) data, information (c) input, output (d) output, data (e) output, input

32. Facts collected through observation are known as ______________
(a) data (b) information (c) output (d) input (e) datum 

33. The output given by the computer is the result of processed ______________(a) information (b) data (c) fact (d) input (e) none of the above

34. Any fact that has been ______________ will give information 
(a) edited (b) sorted (c) arranged (d) processed (e) all of the above 

35. Which of the following statements is correct?(a) only data is a fact (b) only information is a fact (c) both data and information are facts (d) neither data non information is a fact (e) none of the above.

36. The significant part of facts is known as ___________
(a) information (b) data (c) observation (d) instruction (e) none of the above

37. The computer communicates processed data to the outside world through the ___________(a) input devices (b) processing device (c) storage device (d) output device (e) control device 

38. The most frequently used output device is the ___________
(a) keyboard (b) VDU (c) speaker (d) plotter (e) mouse 

39. The images displayed on the monitor is formed by picture elements called ___________(a) PIXELS (b) icons (c) dots (d) grids (e) none of the above

40. A network printer can be used by ___________ computer(s) 
(a) only one (b) only two (c) only three (d) only four (e) as many computers on the network

41. The output produced by the printer is described as ___________
(a) softcopy (b) hardcopy (c) print copy (d) photocopy (e) duplicated copy

42. ___________ and color monitors are the two types of monitor based on their display.(a) monochrome (b) black (c) white (c) black and white (e) white and black

43. Non impact printers are usually ___________ when in use.
(a) relay (b) vibrating (c) slow (d) silent (e) none of the above

44. A program is a set of _______ that controls the computer 

(a) laws (b) instructions (c) force (d) operations (e) none of the above 

45. A set of programs, procedures, algorithms and its documentation is referred to as ___________(a) Flowchart (b) system (c) data (d) software (e) computer software

46. _____________ software is designed to operate the hardware and provide a platform for running application software (a) platform (b) system (c) operation (d) general (e) none of the above

47. Spreadsheet, word processor, media player and databases are examples_______________(a) application (b) system (c) general (d) operation (e) flow

48. Computer is designed to function ______________(a) without human intervention (b) with little or no human intervention (c) with hardware and software only. (d) without any human input (e) none of the above

49. That computers are used in a variety of fields of human endeavour means they are _____________(a) automation (b) accurate (c) fast (d) flexible (e) versatile

50. Devices drivers, operating system and utilities makes up the _____________(a) computer system (b) application software (c) system software (d) functional software (e) programming software 

51. The computer storage is divided into _________________ storage
(a) primary and secondary (b) secondary and tertiary (c) primary and tertiary (d) basic and tertiary (e) basic and secondary 

52. A set of rods which has beads arranged on it and used for calculation is known as _________(a) slide rule (b) Napier’s bones (c) adding machine (d) Abacus (e) Bill gate

53. Computer originally referred to _________
(a) adding machine (b) people who computation of figures (c) sticks used for calculation (d) stones used for calculation (e) none of the above 

54. The first commercial computer is ______________
(a) (a) ENIAC (b) UNIVAC (c) EDVAC (d) PC (e) UNVAC

55. Which of the following is not possible with laptop?
(a) keyboard upgrade (b) memory upgrade (c) hard disk upgrade (d) software upgrade

40. Why is software said to be an intangible part of the computer system? Because_______ (a) it comes in CDs (b) it can be touched (c) it cannot be touched (d) it is very fragile (e) none of the above

41 The two types of software are ___________ (a) general and specific software (b) system and application software (c) primary and secondary software (d) old and new software (e) former and present software 

42 The software that manages computer hardware resources is the _________ (a) utility software (b) operating system (c) application software (d) operation software (e) application package 

43 One of the following is not an operating system (a) windows 6 (b) UNIX (c) Linus (d) windows 7 (e) window 95

44 _________ is a program that translates a high level language into machine code before execution. (a) an assembler (b) a translator (c) a compiler (d) an object code (e) input code

45 Which language translator translates on line at a time? (a) compiler (b) interpreter (c) assembler (d) executor (e) none of the above

46 An application software performs___________ (a) general task (b) joint task (c) every task (d) specific task

47 Commercialized software designed to carry out various categories of user functions is called__________ (a) designer packages (b) ready made packages (c) typical packages (d) application packages (e) finished software 

48 Which of the following software is first installed on the system? (a) spreadsheet software (b) payroll software (c) window xp (d) games software (e) lotus 1-2-3

49 Application software that is designed to meet the need of specific users is called (a) purpose application software (b) general application software (c) specific application software (d) user application software (e) none of the above

50 Tailor-made software is also known as __________ (a) general purpose software (b) application packages (c) database package (d) user application packages (e) application specific software

51 A set of grammatical rules for instruction a computer to perform specific tasks is called_________ (a) machine language (b) software (c) low level language (d) programming language 

52 Alphanumeric character set consists of ________________(a) numbers (b) letters (c) A and B (d) data item (e) F and G

53 The smallest unit of information store in computer files is ______________ (a) record (b) data item (c) field (d) data file (e) none of above

54 Which of the following software is first installed on the system? (a) spreadsheet software (b) payroll software (c) windows xp (d) games software (e) word processing software 

55 The _____ is formed in the CPU of a computer (a) main memory (b) modem (c) mother board (d) register (e) zip drive

56 The central processing unit is connected to the (a) expansion board (b) expansion slots (c) memory ship (d) mother board (e) system unit

57 Which of these packages is appropriate for preparing payroll of workers? (a) Corel draw (b) Microsoft access (c) Microsoft excel (d) Microsoft word (e) Wordpad

58 In a worksheet, a set of data is called (a) Column range (b) Data base (c) Data file (d) data range (e) row range 

59 1 megabyte is equivalent to ______ kilobytes (a) 1000 (b) 1024 (c) 1034 (d) 1204 (e) 1304

60 When a file of folder is deleted, it goes to the ___(a) hard disk (b) memory (c) monitor (d) Recycle bin (e) system unit

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