Safety Guidelines – workshop safety

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A workshop is a place where engineering works are being carried out by the professionals or experts. Things are made or repaired in a workshop. It is imperative we maintain safety in the workshop to avoid loss of lives or and properties.

Some workshop safety rules:

  1. If chips of wood are likely to fly, wear safety goggles
  2. Always hold the work piece securely in the vice
  3. Don’t use chisels that have developed mushroom heads
  4. Never use a file that has no handle
  5. If work piece is hot, mark it so that others will be alerted.
  6. Do not operate any machine or use any tool without a prior knowledge or having being instructed on how it should be used.
  7. Always wear an overall while in the workshop.
  8. Always wear hard covered shoes with hard soles.
  9. When in doubt, always ask.
  10. Do not lean on a running machine

Some safety items need for protection from injuries while working:

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