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CLASS:                       SS 3                


TIME:                        2 HRS



Instruction: Answer all questions.

  1. A device that reveals a discrepancy between appearance and reality is (a) oxymoron (b) Irony (c) antithesis (d) bathos
  2. Pick the odd item from the following options (a) elegy (b) epigram (c) dirge (c) ode
  3. A narrative poem in the manners of oral folk tradition is (a) a pastoral (b) a lyric                        (c) ballad     (d) elegy
  4. In “My finger clicks with a smoker and, chuckling, they knuckled the key” the dominant figure of speech used is ?  (a) parallelism (b) litotes (c) hyperbole                 (d) onomatopoeia
  5. Horrendous horrors hunted Helen’s happiness’ illustrates (a) alliteration (b) rhythm (c) repetition (d) assonance
  6. Rhyming words (a) have similar spellings (b) are parallel (c) sound alike (d) convey meaning.
  7. A literary device which expresses meaning in its direct opposite is (a) metaphor (b) paradox (c) parody (d) irony
  8. In drama “denouement” is the same as (a) resolution (b) climax (c) anti-climax                           (d) conflict

Read the extract and answer questions 9-12

‘My heart leaps up when I behold

A rainbow in the sky

So was it when my life began.

So is it now that I am a man,

So be it when I shall grow

The child is the father of the man’

  1. The mood of the person is that of (a) sorrow (b) elation (c) anxiety (d) sarcasm
  2. The rhyme scheme of the poem is (a) ab cc ac (b) ac bc ca (c) ab ca cc (d) ab ac bc
  3. The subject of the extract is (a) childishness (b) the adverse effect of the rainbow on man (c) the unchanging cycle of nature                            (d) the adverse effect of old age
  4. The literary device used in line 1 is (a) simile (b) alliteration (c) litotes                                 (d) personification
  5. The literary device used in line 6 is an example of (a) synecdoche (b) irony (c) paradox       (d) hyperbole
  6. Forty hands descended on the devilish head’ illustrate (a) epigram (b) synecdoche (c) metonymy (d) allegory
  7. Pick the odd item out of the following options (a) sonnet (b) epic (c) allusion                (d) ode
  8. A deliberate violation of the rules of versification constitute (a) imperfect rhyme (b) poetic licence (c) verbal irony (d) comic relief
  9. An individual who acts, appears or is referred to as playing a part in a literary work is a _____                       (a) villain                        (b) character (c) clown  (d) narrator
  10. A regular group of lines in poetry constitutes (a) stanza (b) rhythm (c) verse (d) meter
  11. A black beautiful brilliant bride’ is an example of (a) alliteration (b) assonance (c) onomatopoeia (d) pun
  12. A literary work in which actions and characters represent ideas is (a) an allusion (b) an epigram (c) an allegory (d) an innuendo
  13. A stanza of four lines in poetry is                         (a) quatrain (b) a sestet (c) an octave               (d) an elegy
  14. A question which does not require an answer is ­­­­­­­­___ (a) setting (b) discourse  (c) rhetorical  (d) ironic    
  15. A literary work written in form of a letter is ___ (a) creative (b) romantic (c) tautological                  (d) epistolary
  16. The lawyer addressed the bench’ illustrate (a) metonymy (b) alliteration (c) simile                      (d) oxymoron
  17. A writer’s choice of words is his _____ (a) diction (b) mood (c) tone (d) setting
  18. A poem of fourteen lines is _______ (a) an elegy (b) a dirge (c) a sonnet (d) an ode
  19. .A piece of writing or speech at the beginning of a work of art is the ___ (a) prologue  (b) dialogue (c ) monologue     (d) epilogue
  20. A piece of writing which teaches morals is ______(a)serious (b)didactic (c)playful (d)analytical.
  21. In a story, the adversary of the protagonist is the (a) hero (b) heroin (c) antagonist  (d) foil
  22. A literary piece used to mock or ridicule a society or practice is called ____ (a) an allegory  (b) a fable  (c) a force  (d) a satire
  23. The story of a person’s life written by another person is (a) history (b) autobiography (c) biography     (d) anthology
  24. A deliberate use of exaggeration for the purpose of humor/emphasis is (a) metaphor (b) irony (c) simile (d) hyperbole


  1. One of these is not a quality of Desdemona (a) pleasant  (b) gifted (c) frivolous                            (d) intelligent
  2. Who succeeded Othello as Governor of Cyprus? (a) Cassio (b) Iago (c) Montano                   (d) Gratiano
  3. What was Iago’s military rank at the beginning of the play? (a) Ancient                     (b) Lieutenant (c) First officer (d) Flag officer
  4. The villain of the play is_______ (a) Brabantio             (b) Iago  (c) Othello  (d) Cassio
  5. Othello is a ________ play (a) comic                       (b) tragi-comedy (c) historical (d) tragedy
  6. One of the themes of Othello is ______ (a) ignorance (b) ability (c) piety (d) racism
  7. A dramatic performance with only bodily movements and without words is (a) a mime (b) an aside (c) a soliloquy (d) an opera
  8. A short poem lamenting the death of someone is a (a) lyric (b) sonnet (c) ballad (d) elegy
  9. A long and serious narrative about heroic characters is a/an _____(a)Lyric (b) ballad (c) ode (d)epic
  10. In literature, another name for denouement is ___________(a)resolution (b) deregulation (c) inference (d) accusation
  11. In the remark, ’The child is the father of the man’, the user deploys ________(a)paradox (b)oxymoron (c)pun (d) euphemism
  12. An omniscient narrator in a novel __________ (a)detaches himself from the story (b) is a character in the story (c) is a author and a cast in the story (d) knows everything about the characters and events
  13. The specific literary term used to distinguish a novel from a play is_________(a)act (b)verse (c) genre (d)diction
  14. If the sound of a word suggests its probable meaning, we have a case of _______(a)euphemism (b) onomatopoeia (c) litotes (d)pun
  15. A narration is said to be in epistolary form if it is conceived in _____________(a)essays              (b) episodes (c) reports (d) letters
  16. A question asked in a drama, poem or prose which does not demand an answer before it makes an impact is ________(a)heading question (b) paradoxical question (c)rhetorical question (d) alternative question
  17. The fire gnawed ceaselessly at the bark of the tree’ illustrates _______ (a)personification (b) simile (c) metaphor (d) oxymoron
  18. The whole town was present at the wedding ceremony’. This is an example of _____ (a)repetition (b) pun (c) hyperbole (d)metaphor
  19. The timing and location of a literary work is _______ (a)theme (b) plot (c) setting   (d)diction
  20. (12) The author of Faceless is  ___ (a)Adeoye ojo (b) Amma darko                              (c) Chimamanda Adichie (d) Richard Wright
  21. A narrative in which characters and events are invented is ______(a)fiction (b)biography (c) non-fiction (d) elegy
  22. One of the following makes use of gestures only ____________(a)opera (b) mime  (c) comedy (d) satire
  23. ‘The pen is mightier than the sword ‘ is an example of _________(a) litotes (b) metaphor (c)metonymy (d) oxymoron
  24. Light as wind on water laid’. The device used in the expression is a _______(a)rhyme (b) simile (c) pun (d) irony
  25. The outline of a story in a logical order is__ (a)plot (b) outline (c) storyline (d) flashback
  26. One of the following is not a form of poetry _________(a)sonnet (b) ode (c) suspense (d) epic
  27. Blank verse has no _______(a)rhyme (b) meter (c) rhythm (d) imagery
  28. A struggle between opposing forces in a literary work is the ___________(a)plot (b) conflict  (c) climax (d) denouement

THEORY (PART B)                                            

  Answer only three questions from this part.

   One from each part.

1a. Discuss two themes in the play ‘Othello’


1b. Write short notes on these characters:

  • Othello
  • Brabantio
  • Desdemona
  • Iago
  • Cassio


2a. Discuss in full the theme of corruption and abuse of office.


2b. Attempt a detailed profile of Chief Haladu Ade-Amaka

                BLOOD OF A STRANGER

3a. Explain how Whitehead schemes to have access to Mandoland’s diamond wealth.


Who in your opinion is the hero of this play and why?

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