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CLASS: S.S.1  




From the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence

  1. Corruption will only hamper our progress.                   (a) disturb (b) progress (c) hurry (d) hinder
  2. The new students pledged to abide by rules and regulation of the school.                      (a) promised  (b) decided (c) determined              (d) resolved
  3.  Bees are noted for breeding in enormous numbers (a) very much (b) very long                   (c) very large   (d) very wide
  4. Nelson is admired by everyone for being so cheerful   (a) reserved (b) pleasant                                (c) miserable    (d) gloomy
  5. He inspected the materials before sending them to shop. (a) received (b) examined (c)viewed       (d) saw
  6. Tolani could not conceal the truth from her mother (a) reveal (b) remove (c) doubt               (d) hide
  7. The students were given sufficient time to do the exercises. (a) enough (b) complete               (c) extra time (d) little
  8. The journalist refused to divulged the source of his information (a) deny                      (b) inform (c) disclose (d) confirm
  9. 14.  The teacher was skeptical about the story they told (a) convinced (b) ignorant (c) happy (d) doubtful
  10.  He employed illegal methods to earn money  and became very rich (a) unlawful (b) clever     (c) modest (d) proper

Choose the word that is nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word in the sentences below

  1. Ranti looked intoxicated after the fight           (a) sober (b) happy (c) elated (d) drunk
  2. A play consist of major and _______ character (a) tragic (b) comic (c) minor    (d) funny
  3. My mother says it is dangerous to walk at night (a) safe (b) save (c) pleasant (d) nice
  4. Alade was notorious in secondary school while his sister was (a) famous                                 (b) honourable (c) skillful (d) popular
  5. Polygamy is very common in Africa as opposed to ___ in Europe (a) monogamy          (b) bigamy (c) celibacy (d) polyandry
  6. Tobi adores dogs he has a very strong___ for cats (a) love (b)annoyance (c) dislike                               (d) attitude
  7. One of the aims of government policy is to make us____ rather than consumers                              (a) parasites   (b) developers (c) designers                             (d) producers
  8.  The governor declined to give audience to the journalist (a) accepted (b) forge                     (c) ignored       (d) refused
  9. The farmer used artificial light seedling in the nursery (a) natural (b) hot (c) dull               (d) bright
  10. Few people prefer rural life to living in the_____areas  (a) pastoral (b) urban                       (c) modern   (d) rustic

From the options A-D, choose the correct interpretation to the underlined expression in the sentence below                                                                                                                 

  • Kunle is nothing but a bad penny. This means that _____  (a) Kunle has a bad penny  (b)  Kunle worths a penny (c) Kunle is a worthless person(d) Kunle’s penny is bad
  • Hit the nail on the head in your response means (a) tell a lie (b) nail your head                                                     (c) expose the nail (d) say the real thing
  • Her father turned a cold shoulder to her when she was young. This means                         (a) neglected her completely (b) helped her greatly (c) did not see her in the cold  (d) saw her should cold.
  •  He has been sick since last week and now he is a shadow of his former self. This means (a) looks like a shadow (b) is thin and weak (c) appears strong and healthy                     (d) has changed a little
  • His father cautioned him but he turned a deaf ear. This means he——                                  [a] closed his ears [b] abused his father                [c] changed his ways [d] refused to listen.
  • The peace meeting nipped the crisis in the bud. This means that _______                           (a)the meeting was deadlock                              (b) there was disagreement                                  (c)the crisis was averted                                      (d)the crisis escalated despite the meeting


      Sandra and John had to share the same house because of __27___ difficulties. After some time, they found themselves __28_and fell in love. They then decided to ___29__ their relationship. Sandra _30___ her boyfriend to her parents, who approved of their getting _31___. John in turn took his __32___ to his parents. They too gave their blessing to the relationship and the __33___ day was fixed. Both families then set about preparing for the great day. There was a large attendance that day and the __34___ priest advised the ____35__to remain___36___ to each other all their lives and never___37___. A grand ___38___ was held during which friends and relatives showered ____39___ on them. The newly-wed then left for their __40__.

      A                              B                      C                  D

27. Accommodation   residence           house                rent

28. Comparable    adorable       compatible      admirable

29.Co-operate           join                      unite                  marry

30. Introduced        disclosed          revealed             invited

31. Connected     engaged          admitted        accepted

32.Companion     fiancée           partner               colleague

33.Unification     blessing             marriage              wedding

34.Praying       presiding        officiating              celebrating

27. Lovers            friends                 couple                    two

28. Withdrawn      close                 loving                    faithful

29.Collapse         divide               divorce                   break

30 .Celebration    reception      party               get-together

31. Gifts                prizes              valuables               offerings

32. Holiday        retreat                leave               honeymoon

                     TEST OF ORALS

Choose the word that has the same vowel or consonant sound as the one represented by the underlined letter.

33.   blood  (a) above (b) rough (c) cough             (d) book

34.   work   (a) walk (b) blue (c)journey (d)clerk

35.   bed   (a) bird (b) best (c) first (d) bead

36.  /ai/ (a) sight (b) how (c) rent (d) rest

37.  /i/  (a) cow (b) go (c)soil (d) beat

38. /z/     (a) tents (b) kegs (c) chiefs (d) boys

39. /g/    (a) reign (b) rage (c) drag (d) night

40. /k/   (a) champion (b) chief (c) chorus                                       (d) champagne



Diet and Nutrition

Diet is the total amount of food consumed by a person. Nutritious food contains all the essential nutrients – protein, fat and oil, vitamins etc. a balanced diet should contain all these in the right proportions and sufficient quantity. The word diet implies a particular intake of food for health or weight management reasons. Every person or culture has some preferences or taboos about food due to morality, personal taste or religion.

   Nutrition is the provision of materials in the form of food to an organism to support its life. Food is a thing which when eaten and digested can be used by the body to provide energy, or substances that help in body building and repair or in the preservation of health. Food includes many things we eat and drink.

 Foods may be grouped into types according to whether they are [a] solid or liquid, [b] local or imported, [c] cereals, vegetables or fruits, and [d] eaten raw or cooked. Solid foods are yam, rice, bread and beans. Examples of liquid food are milk, cocoa drinks and fruit juices. Local foods can be sourced domestically eg. Sweet potato, guinea corn, yam and beans. Imported foods are stock fish, milk, pasta and cheese. Foods that can be eaten raw includes lettuce, pawpaw, cucumber and carrot. Those that can be cooked are yam, rice, meat, fish and potato. Foods can also be grouped into classes based on the chemical composition of the food and the nutrients present in the food. Accordingly, foods are grouped into six classes, namely carbohydrates, proteins, fat and oils, vitamins. Carbohydrates are composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is 2:1. Proteins comprise carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen atoms. They may also contain sulphur and phosphorus. Proteins are body-building food. Fat and oils are composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Fats are solid at room temperature while oils are liquids at room temperature, but their chemical compositions are similar.

A poor diet may have a serious impact on a person’s health, causing diseases such as scurvy, kwashiorkor, obesity, diabetes and heart conditions. It is best to eat a wide variety of foods, especially fresh, unprocessed foods.


  1. What should a balanced diet contain?
  2. Mention three things that can affect the preference a person or culture has about food.
  3. Give two examples of food that can be eaten without being cooked.
  4. Which food class can be solid and which can be liquid at room temperature?
  5. Mention two things that should not be regarded as food.
  6. Which word in the first paragraph means the same as eaten?
  7. According to the passage, which of the following does not contain nitrogen atoms?
  8. What are the effects of a poor diet?
  9. Which of the following is not supported by the passage? (a) local foods can be sourced internationally (b) a poor diet may have a dangerous effect on a person (c)Foods may be grouped into types (d) Sweet potato is  an example of food.
  10. Which of the following food sources is responsible for the repair of damaged cells

                      SECTION C :  THEORY

Answer only one question from this section.

Your answer should not be less than 300 words long.

  1. You have been staying with your elder brother for sometime and a misunderstanding has ensued. Write a letter to your father giving at least three reasons why you can no longer stay with your brother.
  2. As a concerned student, write a letter to the Principal of your school informing him of recent acts of bullying by senior students and suggesting ways of arresting the situation.
  3. You have been invited to lead the motion in a school debate for or against the motion that  ” Parents should allow their children to choose their own careers”
  4. Write an article suitable for publication in your school magazine on ‘The effects of drug abuse’.
  5. Write an essay on “An accident you witnessed”

                        SECTION D : Grammar

         Answer two questions from this section.                                         

  • Give ten words and their synonyms.
  • Complete the following by supplying suitable prefixes using these (dis-, mis-, uni-,mal-, sub-, ir-, poly-, -in, ex-, fore-, un-, inter-, tri-)

            i.  ___grace

      ii ____marine

      iii ____ fathers

   iv ____responsible

         v. _____behave

   vi _____cycle

         vii ______ angle

        viii ____divisible

      ix  _____national

 x ______ deed

8a. What are punctuations?

  b. List ten punctuation marks and explain any five.

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