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Three highway robbers, Kalou, Zidane and Yekinni, once hid under the Eko bridge to wait for passers-by whom they could rob. Week after week, they seized travellers’ belongings. Kalou was the eldest and Yekinni the youngest. All were armed with pistols and daggers.

 One day. A well dressed man approached the bridge. From his appearance, the robbers concluded that he had plenty of money. They decided to attack and rob him.

 When the traveller reached the middle of the bridge, Kalou commanded him to stop and surrender himself to be searched. The others fired several shots into the air to frighten him. From the traveller’s pocket the robbers got five thousand naira. Then, they let him go free because he had obeyed their command.

 The robbers met the following day to share the money. Yekinni was given five hundred naira to buy them some breakfast. When he had left, the others planned to kill him on his return and share the money between the two of them. On the way, Yekinni also planned to take all the money. To do this, he put a deadly poison in the food so that the other two would eat it and die.

 As soon as he came back, they sprang on him, killed him and started to enjoy their food. But before very long, they started to vomit and soon they too were dead.


  1. How much did the robbers get from the traveller’s     pockets?                                                         [a] five million [b] ten thousand [c] five thousand [d] five hundred
  2. Who ordered the traveller to stop?           [a] kalou [b] Yekinni [c] Zalou [d] kalou and zalou
  3. How did the robbers know that the traveller had a lot of money? [a] they know him to be a rich man [b] he boasted to them                                      [c] from his appearance                                            [d] the bulge in his pocket
  4. Who were the people who fired shots in the air? [a] Zidane and Yekinni [b] Yekinni and Zalou [c] Zalou and Kalou [d] all of them
  5. What happened to Kalou and Zidane after they ate the food? [a] they slept off [b] they ran mad [c] they died [d] they became paralysed
  6. Which of the robbers held pistols and daggers? [a] kalou and zidane [b] zidane and Yekinni [c] Kalou, Yekinni and zidane      [d] kalou only
  7. What was the first thing kalou and zidane did after Yekinni brought the food?    [a] They ate the food [b] they jumped on him [c] They vomited [d] They committed suicide
  8. What important moral lesson can we learn from this passage?      [a] That we should not be greedy [b] That we could be selfish sometime    [c] That people should not kill their friends [d] That robbery can lead to death.
  9. Another word that can replace ‘approached’ as used in the passage is ——- [a] moved away from [b] saw                                   [c] moved towards [d] moved under
  10. The word ‘deadly’ as used in the passage means————- [a] mild [b] moderate                  [c] causing sleep [d] causing death 


Patients    diagnosed     delivered         thermometer Examined   maternity     pain-killer       stethoscope Admitted   prescribed    pharmacy       temperature Complained                      pulse rate  

Choose the best words from the box that can suitably fill the blanks.

I was at Victoria Hospital yesterday to visit my elder sister.  She was __11__ to the hospital’s __12__ ward.  She had been pregnant for more than eight months and so was ready to be __13__ of her first baby.  A nurse held her wrist to measure her __14__.  The nurse put a __15__ in her armpit.  

Then the doctor arrived.  He wore a white coat and carried a __16__ around his neck.  He asked my sister some questions and __17__ her body.  A lung infection was __18__.  So the doctor __19__ an antibiotics to take care of the infection.  Since she complained of headache and pain, a __20__ was also prescribed.  I quickly went to the __21__ beside the x-ray unit to buy the drugs.  I met many __22__ waiting to obtain their drug


   Fill the blank spaces with the suitable word from     the options lettered A-D.

  • The male of a goose is  (a) gander (b) geese             (c) goosen   (d) gooder
  • What is the synonym of thin?                           (a) chubby (b) fat (c) big (d) slender
  •  I know this book is ___ but whose are those?                (a) she (b) he (c) yours (d) there
  •  The old man hid ___ under the bed.              (a) themselves (b) herself (c) himself                (d) theirselves

Pick the nearest in opposite to the underlined words from the alternatives below.

  •  There was chaos in the city. (a)  quiet  (b)  order  (c)  law  (d)  regulation 
  • The man is very industrious  (a)  ill tempered                 (b)  troublesome (c) petulant   (d)  indolent
  • He was induced to take that decision.                        (a)  indisposed  (b)  dissuaded  (c)  disinclined     (d)  encouraged 
  • Five of the accused were convicted while others were——-.  (a)  cautioned                          (b)  executed (c)  acquitted                                 (d)  exonerated


  • Setting in literature means ___                                      (a) the place where events of the story took place (b) the actor’s dressing for the play              (c) the way the stage is set for the play                         (d) the chief character in the story
  • The writer of a poem is a __ (a) hero                                 (b) poet (c) pottery(d) character   
  • One of the following is not a feature of a poem (a) it is recited    (b) it has rhyming scheme  (c) it involves actions (d) it is written in stanzas
  • The three aspects of literature are prose,  ___  and ____  (a) writing and reading (b) setting and plot  (c) theme and style (d) poetry and drama
  • A play that ends sadly is called ___ (a) sonnet     (b) tragedy  (c) comedy    (d) tragi-comedy

Pick out the word nearest in meaning to the underlined words

  • The students was rebuked for cheating in the examination (a) punished (b) blamed                           (c) rebuffed (d) praised
  • I requested my father to send me some money. (a) demanded (b) ordered (c) told   (d) asked
  •     Put down those facts and always remember them (a) write (b) observe                  (c) consider (d) narrate
  • Kofi always complains of one ailment or another (a) dosage (b) problem                            (c) suffering (d) illness
  •  I will forgo my initial plans because of time (a)Carry out (b) destroy (c) leave                            (d) guard against
  • Tunde has been ________ since morning (a)eaten (b) eating (c) ate (d) eat
  • We should have ____ by now.   (a) dance                      (b) dancing (c) dancer (d) danced
  • My brother ______ bread so much (a)like              (b) likes (c) liking (d) had liked
  • I ________very hard lately. (a) will work                  (b) would work (c) have been working (d)have worked
  • About three months ago, I had occasion _____ Mecca. (a) of visiting (b) for visiting                (c) to visit     (d) in visiting

Choose the correct word that suitably completes the following sentences.

  • A/An _____ letter does not require two addresses (a) business (b) informal (c) family (d) formal
  • The right way to close a formal letter is ______ (a) Yours faithfully (b) Yours Faithfully (c)yours faithfully (d) Yours sincerely
  • Another name for an informal letter is _______ (a) business letter (b) personal letter (c) semi- formal (d) office letter
  • What type of letter always requires an heading?  (a) informal letter (b) semi-formal letter (c) formal letter (d) personal letter
  • A letter to your friend is _______ (a) official letter (b) business letter (c) casual letter (d) informal letter

In the box below is a list of some members of the extended family, write out the sentences, completing them with words below.

Grand-father, Aunt, Half-brother, Uncle, Nephew, Niece, Cousins, Grand- mother, Grand-child, mother-in-law, distant relative

  • Your father’s father is your _____
  • Your father’s brother is your _______
  • You are your grandparents’ _______
  • Your uncle’s and aunt’s children are your __
  • Your father’s mother is your _____

Choose the option that contains the given phonetic symbol

  • /e/   (a) sweat (b) seat (c) conceive (d)ham
  • /b/    (a) blade (b) earth (c )comb (d) run
  • /p/   (a) coup (b) orphan(c) physics (d) ape
  • /ai/  (a) bit (b) child (c) children (d) tip
  • /i:/    (a) bit (b) set (c) cite (d) key

PART B: THEORY                                       

Instruction: Answer three questions in this section. Choose one question from part I and two other questions from part II


Answer one question from this section. Your answer should be about 200 words long. Choose either A or B and write on it.

1a. Write a letter to your local government chairman requesting for basic amenities lacking in your school.


1b. Write for or against the motion that ‘Public schools are better than Private schools.

 PART II  : GRAMMAR: Answer two questions from this part.


   i    Catch

   ii   Blow

  iii   Leave

  iv   Grow

  v    Shoot

  vi    Dream

viii    Burst

  ix     Freeze

   x    Drink

3.  Put these adjectives into comparative and superlative

 POSITIVE                  COMPARATIVE            SUPERLATIVE

4. Complete the following by supplying suitable prefixes using these (dis-, mis-, uni-,mal-, sub-, poly-, -in, ex-, fore-, un-, inter-, tri-)

i.  ___grace

ii ____marine

iii ____ fathers


v. _____behave

vi _____cycle

vii ______ angle

viii ____divisible

ix  _____national

x ______known

5. Provide the plural forms of the following nouns:

    Singular                                        Plural

I Tomato

II Loaf

III Baby

Iv Louse

V Ox

Vi Dozen

Vii Thief

Viii Goose

ix  Mouse

X University

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