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CLASS:                       JS 3                

SUBJECT:                    ENGLISH STUDIES

TIME:                           2 HOURS


Instruction: Answer all questions.

Read the following passage carefully, and answer the questions on it.

Family Planning.

A country’s human population can grow beyond available resources such as food, water and shelter. This leads to problems such as overcrowding and starvation.

            Many countries have found it essential to regulate their national populations so that they have populations that they can cater for. Catering for a human population does not involve only food and shelter but many other requirements such as education, medical services, employment and transportation.

          A country regulates its population through family planning. Family planning means that parents voluntarily limit their children to the number they want.

         An average girl is capable of becoming a mother at the age of about 15, and may continue bearing children until the age of 45. If she bears children at the rate of one in two years, and all of them remain alive, she may have a total of 15 children. If most of the women in a particular generation did this, the country’s population would explode.  

        Today, educated parents voluntarily limit the size of their families because they know that by so doing, they can provide for the children they choose to have.

       Some people argue, especially on religious grounds, that family planning is wrong because it often involves the termination of the life of a baby. But, in fact, there are several family planning methods and the emphasis in family planning is on the prevention of conception, rather than the termination of life. One can therefore choose a method of birth control that agrees with one’s religious beliefs.


  1. What are the consequences of overpopulation according to the passage?
  2. What does a country have to do in order to cater for its population?
  3. Why is it important to regulate national populations?
  4. What is family planning?
  5. From the explanation given in paragraph 4, how many children will a woman bear if she gives birth every two years between the ages of 15 and 45?
  6. Which word in paragraph 4 means’ to increase suddenly in an uncontrolled way’?
  7. For each of the following words, find another word or phrase which means the same and which can replace it as used passage

[i] Starvation   [ ii] regulate

[iii] termination  [iv] conception


 Police officers have quite a difficult job fighting crime. When a crime has been committed, they must find out the facts, and collect the _8_ . Once they have tracked down the __9__ they have to arrest them and bring them to __10_. Clever lawyers will often be called to defend the accused people, so the police have to be sure of the facts.

If the criminal is __11__he or she is punished. Young or __12__ maybe given a warning but, some of them are often sent to jail often for long periods.

        A                   B                C              D

8.wrongdoing  information   errors     evidence

9.  offences         guilts          criminals    robbers

10. jail               prison       police station  court

11. guilty         acquitted    on trial       accused

12. acquitted    prisoners     accused    offenders

Fill in the gaps with the most suitable word from the options A-D

13. John is not prepared to marry now, even through he brought his _____ home yesterday. (a) fiancée (b) bride (c) woman (d) fiancé

14. The _____ of food coming out of our neighbour’s kitchen is tantalizing.  (a) smell (b) scent                            (c) fragrance  (d)aroma

15. It was impossible for anyone staying in such ____ conditions to remain healthy.  (a) unhygienic (b) infections (c) contagious (d) epidemic

Choose from the alternatives lettered A-D the word which is correctly spelt

16. (a) contrary (b) countary (c) country                     (d) contry

17. (a) permission  (b) permision (c) permistion (d) parmission

18. (a) sthetoscope (b) stethoscope (c)sthethoscope (d) steotoscope

19. (a) advicer (b)  advissar (c) advisea                    (d) adviser

20. (a) separete (b) saparate (c) separate              (d) seperate

21. (a) diarrhea (b) diarhia (c) diarrhoea                (d) diarhoea

22. (a) chauffer (b) chafeur (c) chawffeur              (d) chauffeur

23. (a) repercussion (b) reparcursion                        (c) reperccussion (d) repercursion

24. (a) comitee  (b) committee (c) commitee  (d) comittee

25. (a) tommorrow (b)tomorow (c)tomorrow

       (d) tommoorrow

Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the underlined word in the sentences below.

26. Few people prefer rural life to living in the___areas  (a) pastoral (b) urban                                 (c) modern (d) rustic

27. Polygamy is very common in Africa as opposed to ___ in Europe (a) monogamy               (b) bigamy (c) celibacy (d) polyandry

28. Tobi adores dogs he has a very strong___ for cats (a) love (b)annoyance (c) dislike                (d) attitude

29. One of the aims of government policy is to make us____ rather than consumers                         (a) parasites   (b) developers (c) designers      (d) producers

30. The governor declined to give audience to the journalist (a) accepted (b) forge                     (c) ignored (d) refused

31. The farmer used artificial light seedling in the nursery (a) natural (b) hot (c)dull                     (d) bright

32. Smoking is encouraged by some medical experts (a) allowed (b) banned                          (c) prohibited      (d) expected

 For each of the following words, find another word or phrase which means the same and which can replace it as used passage

33. The principal want us to___ the motion, so don’t oppose it  (a) sustain (b) support                 (c) defend (d) applaud

34. An elephant can be a tamed animal.

      (a) strong (b) wild (c) frail (d) noisy

35. Tolu looked intoxicated after the fight

      (a)sober (b) happy (c) elated (d) drunk

Choose the word that has the same vowel or consonant sound as the one represented by the underlined letter.

36.   blood  (a) above (b) rough (c) cough             (d) book

37.   work   (a) walk (b) blue (c)journey (d)clerk

38.   seat   (a) bit (b) leg (c) meat (d) start

39.   bed   (a) bird (b) best (c) first (d) bead

40.  part   (a) back (b) pack (c) sat (d) bark

41.  /ai/ (a) sight (b) how (c) rent (d) rest

42.  /i/  (a) cow (b) go (c)soil (d) beat

43. /z/     (a) tents (b) kegs (c) chiefs (d) boys

44. /g/    (a) reign (b) rage (c) drag (d) night

45. /k/   (a) champion (b) chief (c) chorus                                       (d) champagne

Choose the nearest in meaning to the underlined word

46. Chioma made a mistake. She looked for ways to rectify it  (a) destroy (b) remove   (c) correct (d) eradicate

47. The lawn tennis player was sweating profusely   (a) gradually (b) slowly (c) excessively               (d) abundantly

48. Mothers warn their children not to be unduly inquisitive (a) curious (b) naughty (c) troublesome (d) insistent.

49. Even when the team seem to be losing the match, the fans were optimistic that they would win (a) encouraged (b) pessimistic (c) thoughtful (d) confident

50. The Saudis were fortunate to win by penalty kicks (a) late (b) eager (c) lucky (d) happy

51. Tobacco is dangerous to health (a) essential (b) beneficial (c) harmful (D) offensive

52. One of the symptoms of cholera is frequent stooling  (a) tricks (b) attacks (c) treatment (d) signs

53. Olu aggravated his injury by further playing football (a) kindled (b) worsened (c) kicked (d) heated

54. Bees are noted for breeding in enormous numbers.

      (a) very much (b)very large (c)very long    (d) very wide

 55. The students write their JAMB yearly.

      (a) daily (b) monthly (c) annually (d) weekly

 Fill in the gaps with the most suitable words from the options A-D

56. The wages ___ sin is death. (a) was (b) are (c) off (d) of

57. Some parents like to show their children __

       (a) of (b) on (c) in (d) off

58. Vitamin C is obtained ____ citrus fruits

    (a) by (b)from (c)in (d) of

59. Does your mother always ______ her new car? (a) drives (b) driving (c) drive (d) drove

60. The robbers _____before the police arrived

     (a) was gone (b) has gone (c)had gone        (d) have gone

   Choose the correct figures of speech

61. He is as tall as an iroko tree.  (a) metaphor (b) personification (c) simile (d)paradox

62. Tajudeen is a goat.  (a) metaphor                     (b) personification (c) irony (d) simile

63. Adekunle fought like a lion on the field, is an example of__      (a) simile (b) metaphor        (c) paradox (d) oxymoron

64. The matter is an open secret. What figure of speech is used?  (a) Paradox (b) oxymoron (c) synecdoche (d) euphemism

65. The sun smiled and everywhere became bright, is an example of __(a) metonymy (b)synecdoche (c) paradox                                (d) personification

66. The writer of a poem is called____(a) poetist

     (b) poet (c) dramatist (d) novelist

67. A poem that tells a story is a/an ________   (a) ballad (b)dirge (c)sonnet (d) elegy

68. Adigwe is a gentleman on the road is an example of __________(a) alliteration (b)assonance (c)euphemism (d) paradox

69. A play that ends happily is called _________

     (a) comedy (b) tragedy (c) tragi-comedy (d) satire

70. “Death lays its icy hands on kings” is a/an__

      (a) euphemism (b) paradox                                   (c) personification (d) metonymy

Fill in the gaps with appropriate possessive pronouns in the following sentences

71. We have a large house. It is _________

72. Those are their books. They’re ________

73. My father has four cars. They’re _________

74. He has a pet dog. It’s __________

75. It’s my book. It’s ___________

76. He tore my trousers but I didn’t tear ______(his, him)

77. They went in their car and we went in _______(yours, ours)

78. Mary did the assignment by ____

79. Jumoke taught ________ how to sew (me, it)

80. That car belongs to _________, it is mine (yours, me)

From the options A-D, choose the correct interpretation to the underlined expression in the sentences below.                                                                                                                

81. The thieves took to their heels when they saw the policemen. This means the thieves——-[a] ran away [b] shot at the policemen                      [c] disappeared [d] fought with the policemen.

82. Neither Mary nor Martha won the race. This means——— [a] the two of them won               [b] only Martha won [c] only Mary won                 [d] none of them won.

83. Lazy students desire to cut corners in order to pass. [a] stand at street corners to pass         [b] pass without doing the necessary things    [c] draw street corners always   [d] pass with a lot of rigours

84. One of Tade’s friends is light-fingered. This means he is——– [a] skillful with his hands              [b] careless in handling things [c] prone to stealing [d] fair-skinned

85. Soji decided to play along with them for the time being. (a) entertain them  (b)be playful with them (c) pretend to agree with them      (d) join their team temporarily

86. Some people enjoy life from cradle to grave.  This means some people enjoy life from (a) birth to death (b) whether in  cradle or grave (c) the grave (d) the cradle

87. The manager escaped the accident by a hair’s breath (a)seriously injured (b) but lost his hair (c) crying for (d) narrowly

88. He is a thorn in my flesh.  This means that _______  (a) he likes my flesh (b) he is a hindrance to me (c) there is a thorn in his flesh (d) he taught me well

89. Ugo shed crocodile tears means                  (a)  no tears at all (b) fake tears (c) heavy tears (d) few tears

90. The pen is mightier than the sword. This means that_______(a) the pen is heavier than sword (b) learning is good (c) learning is bad (d) learning is greater than military power

Use the words in the list below to complete the expressions: (herd, gang, bouquet, shoal, bevy, fleet, swarm, team, troop, litter)

91. A ______ of flowers

92. A ______ of cubs

93. A ______ of monkeys

94. A ______ of players

95. A ______ of fish

96. A ______ of ladies

97. A ______ of bees

98. A ______ of thieves

99. A ______ of elephants

100. A ______ of  cars.

PART B: THEORY                                       

 Instruction: Answer three questions in this section. Choose one question from part I and two other questions from part II


Answer one question from this section. Your answer should be about 200 words long. Choose either A or B and write on it.

1a. Write a letter to your friend who attends a village school telling him/her three things in your school that make school life interesting.


1b. Write an essay on “The causes of road accidents on Nigerian road


  1. Complete the following by supplying suitable prefixes using these (dis-, mis-, uni-,mal-, sub-, ir-, poly-, -in, ex-, fore-, un-, inter-, tri-)

            i.  ___grace

      ii ____marine

      iii ____ fathers

   iv ____responsible

         v. _____behave

   vi _____cycle

         vii ______ angle

        viii ____divisible

      ix  _____national

 x ______ deed

2. Pluralize the following compound words

     i. Parent-in-law     

     ii. Auditor – general

     iii. Step – child

     iv. Co – editor

     v.    Post – office

     vi. Bread –crumb

    vii. Shirt – sleeve

    viii. Secretary – general

     ix. Swimming -pool

     x. Commander – in – chief

3.  Put these adjectives into comparative and superlative

 POSITIVE                  COMPARATIVE           SUPERLATIVE

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