Building Materials (Second Term Week 2 JS1 Basic Technology)

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As the name implies, building materials are the materials used in constructing a building.

Examples of building materials


1. Wood: this is used for roofing and making doors along with windows. Wood is also used for making furniture, wooden floors and for making cases for concretes.


2. Gravel: these are small stones which, when mixed with cement and sand plus water becomes concrete.


3. Sand: this is a substance that consists of very small grains of rock. It is mixed with cement and water to mould blocks and make mortar for rendering.


4. Metal: this is used for reinforcing foundations and lintels along with pillars and beams. Metals can also be used for making roofs, doors, windows, railings and burglary proofs.


5. Plastics: they are also used as roofing sheets, plastic pipes, fittings, etc.


 6. Cement: this is a product of limestone and clay. It sets hard when mixed with water. Cement is a binding agent for block moulding, concrete, plastering and mortar and for block laying.


7. Glass: this is used for making doors, windows and walls.

Leaves (thatch roof)

8. Leaves: these are used for thatched roofs and walls.

ceramic tiles

9. Ceramics: this is used for the production of items like water closet, floor and wall tiles, bricks, flower vases, ovens, Asbestos, P.O.P (Plaster of Paris) etc.


1. What are building materials?
2. Outline three uses of wood.
3. Why is cement a binding agent?
4. Between glass and leaves which will you use for a modern building? Give your reasons.
5. What are the raw materials for making cement?
6. Mention 4 ceramic items in the home.
7. What building material is the most suitable for transparent doors and windows?
8. In what sense is gravel a building material?
9. What do sands contain?
10. Why is cement needed when making concrete or mortar?

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